Wingate baseball teams played in several places in and around town.

Pat Bane remembers a field by the sawmill as you come into town from Crawfordsville on 55 east. Lavon Eads, who played with Pat's husband Kenny Bane on the county championship team of 1949 remembers playing on a field west of Wingate on 55 towards Newtown.

The field was past the funeral home on the first road that goes north as 55 goes toward Newtown on the Don Gross farm. He also remembered a field in later years which was a little south of the present Little League field on US 25 towards Waynetown. Eads is the great-nephew of John Blacker who played on the teams that won the state basketball championships in 1913 and 1914. Blacker was also an excellent pitcher on the 1911 baseball team.

Wingate had some outstanding athletes in the early days and was runner-up in the state in 1911 and won the county in 1949.