Hello Sports Fans.

In the immortal words of Jerry Lee Lewis, Goodness gracious, great balls of fire! The Caldron (I love referring to myself in the third person) stumbles out of hibernation and immediately gets five of the eight games right as rain.

Shucks, even my misses were pretty spectacular. I said that two state powers Tri-West and West Lafayette would battle in a nail-biter with the SAC champs winning. The final was a one-point thriller. I said New Pal would rip Dannyville. The final score? 61-0.

See what I mean?

And you know what, I did miss the Mounties but hey, did anyone see Fountain Central being that good? Got to admit, I did not.

So, the first week is in the books and ol' Bubbles is off to five correct picks in eight tries. Not a bad way to begin. Let's see if we can do even better this week!

Tindley at Crawfordsville

When you have to eat an elephant, how do you do it? One bite at a time, Bucky. So it is with rebuilding a program. The Athenians, a once-proud and well respected football powerhouse, have fallen on tough times. But those are coming to an end.

Last week's two-point win over Cascade halted "the streak" and got CHS off to a good start. Now comes the next step, going 2-0 to open the season. That hasn't happened for the Boys of Athens since 2005.

One bite at a time? Enter Tindley. Although the Tigers won last week, it's only their fifth win in the school's third year of football. However, that just happened to be last week's game.

So, as the best sports editor in Montgomery County Neil Burk says, that makes this the clash of the unbeaten - or was that CLASH OF THE UNBEATENS!!! (I don't know, when Neil said it, it sounded so much more dramatic.)

Thing is, I think this might be a special year for the Gold and Blue. They've got good talent at key spots and they've got good leadership. The last few years have seen some baby steps, but ultimately things just didn't add up. No, I'm not ready to say SAC or sectional or anything . . . yet, but I will say the deuces are wild. Take CHS by two to go 2-0, 14-12.

North Putnam-South

OK, OK, so I blew it last week on the Mounties. Blew it really badly. I did predict about 60 points to be scored - total. Well, the 'Stangs of Fountain did indeed score 60, while holding the Royal Mounties to three TDs. I also said our boys from the South would win by three. They lost by almost 40.

Yeah, I blew it.

But fear not, Mountie lovers. The Caldron is not a hater and I don't hold it against anyone. After all, the boys gave it their all and to paraphrase the immortal words of my first girlfriend, it just wasn't their night.

The key for South is to not let the season wash away in week two. That doesn't mean South has to win, but it wouldn't be good if they lost by a few dozen again. Not to worry, I don't see that happening.

What I do see is a determined bunch down South. I don't see a super strong team in North Putnam and I do see the South D stepping up to the challenge, answering the bell, rising to the occasion . . . you get the idea.

I don't think I'm wrong on this one, but if I am, don't listen to me again when it comes to South. The 'Mont rolls over the "Putt, 21-7.


OK, Charger fans, I admit that I wasn't as optimistic as I should have been about your offense. I knew the D would be there, but thought you would have to squeak by the Bison of Benton. I said as much when I predicted a 14-12 battle.

Imagine my surprise when you put up a 32-spot and breezed by those pesky visitors from the wind farm up north.

Nonetheless, a win is a win and correct pick is a correct pick. New Charger bossman Josh Thompson is a happy camper after his debut.

So the Orange and Blue are 1-0 and ready to send shockwaves around the state against the Class 3A's fourth-ranked Brebeuf Braves.

Ah, from my mouth to God's ears.

Wouldn't it be great if the Chargers really could pull this one off? It would be the start of something big because if North beat Brebeuf, the Chargers could seriously be looking at a season with only one or two losses . . . or less.

What was it George Bush the First said? Not Gonna Do It.

The Chargers still have the opportunity to have a great year and it won't be a surprise to see them making some noise in the SAC, but this week is a different story. Brebeuf comes in loaded - and ticked after losing last week.

Prove me wrong boys, but I'm thinking North falls, 28-7.

It's going to be a tough week around the SAC as well. Frankfort and Danville take a tumble. Lebanon might, but holds on over Ze'Ville. WeBo wins and in the battle of 3A No. 12 TW against 1A No. 13 South Putt, the Bruins roll.