Hello Sports Fans.

In the immortal words of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown - I feel good! The ol' Caldron was one lousy pick away from perfection once again. Only a choke from Hamilton Southeastern grad Gary Harris prevented a flawless week. Harris, who turned traitor and left our fair state for the snowy plains of East Lansing, could have helped Sparty top the Hoosiers, but it's hard to shoot the ball when you have both hands wrapped around your throat.

You know what though? If IU can win and that's all that stops me from being perfect, then it's not a bad week at all.

I feel good! Na, na, na, na, na, na. I knew that I would now! Have mercy!

OK, the record isn't the only thing that's got me crowing, it's Hoosier Hysteria Baby! The boys hit the hardwood in a few days over in Frankfort land at the Everett Case Dome. OK, I don't think that's the official name, but it ought to be. Case Arena just doesn't sound quite as cool. Don't know who the Case is?

And. You. Call. Yourself. A. Hoosier.

All he did was win four state titles at FHS (only four guys have ever done that in Hoosierland). Then he went to North Carolina State and won 75 percent of his games, including nine conference titles.

But enough about Frankfort's royal heritage (although there is a reason I'm dwelling on the Hot Dogs). Let's get to the good guys.

First, the good news. Two of our three local squads finish the regular season with wins. Granted, none of these are easy. South squeaks past old WRC friend Fountain Central in a great rivalry game. Then North beats the Tigger Cubbies from Greencastle to finish the season with three wins in the last five games. Wish I could say the same for the boys in Blue and Gold but Covington started the season slowly before winning 10 of the last 13 and the out-of-town CHS thumps our CHS.

And that friends is where the good news ends.

Going into Hoosier Hysteria, North got the worst luck of the draw when they picked favorite Lebanon. Back on Jan. 18 the hated Tiggers opened a can of whoop assets on our Chargers and thumped 'em bad, 63-36. This one will be closer, but no different.

According to one state basketball website, if Lebanon doesn't win the sectional, Frankfort will. Guess who Crawfordsville drew? Yup, the same Hot Dogs that scorched CHS 63-45 back on Jan. 25. Go with the Dogs again.

And that brings us to our Mounties. South finishes the regular season strong at 15-5. The good news is they then face a Go West Young Boone team that they've already played - and beaten - this season . . . twice.

Know what they say about beating a team three times in one year?

If the answer is no, you're the same slap who didn't know who Everett Case was. It's hard to do, Buffalo Breath. And it's not like the first two were walks in the park. South won 49-46 back in December and 56-53 in the Sugar Creek Classic. I'm pulling for the Mounties to make it three, but I'm picking the Stars.

Truly, I hope all three prove me wrong.

Over to the big boys, heck, I can't pick against Indiana after the MSU show. So even though I think Minnesota at Williams Arena is tougher than a wounded hockey fan in a barfight, I'll go with IU.

Butler's already lost to St. Louis once. If this year's version of the Dawgs are like year's past, they'll turn that around. They're not. The loss drops Butler out of the running for their first A10 crown.

And Purdont might knock off Northwestern and Iowa. Then again, it might be 82 next week and sunny. It's a better chance it'll be 82 than Purdue winning both. Take NU and Iowa.