Hello Sports Fans.

Hard times. The ol' Caldron has fallen on hard times. Two weeks in a row of mediocre results. What's a Caldron to do?

Rebound, baby, rebound!

With the season winding down and the Caldron close to heading into summer hibernation, let's hit the Sagamore one more time - mainly because there's only one week left in the basketball season for SAC teams Frankfort and Danville.

Both squads are in Greencastle, although why the IHSAA would give Greencastle of all places a regional is beyond me. Frankfort, at 20-4, takes on misleading 15-8 Edgewood. The Dannyvilles take on 22-1 Mt. Vernon.

Let's start with misleading Edgewood. First, the Mustangs haven't lost since a 61-45 pummeling at the hands of 21-4 (and class 2A) Sullivan way back on Jan. 22. Since that game, Edgewood has ponied up and won 10 games in a row, including three in the sectional. This all would make you think they're hot. Right? Wrong, buffalo breath.

Edgewood's schedule is weaker than an Indiana Classic field back in the days of the General at Assembly Hall. Here's the inside scoop - and where else can you get this stuff - during the streak of 10 wins, 3A Edgewood has played four schools that were 1A or 2A. Of the 10, only two schools had winning records. Of the 10, only one school won its sectional, the other nine lost. And the combined records of those 10 schools? A paltry 82-132.

I doubt Frankfort is losing sleep over the first game in the regional. Take the Dogs in a rout.

Dannyville, on the other hand, has a tussle on its hands. The Warrior Princesses take on a team that was two points away from an undefeated season. Mt. Vernon, the same school that just won a girls state championship, is 22-1. The blemish was a 52-51 heartbreaker against 4A New Palestine. Look for another rout.

That means all Frankfort has to do is win three games and they're the state champs. Ain't gonna happen. Mt. Vernon holds fort over Frankfort and the SAC can close the chapter on 2013 basketball.

I guess that gets us to college, not that I want to. I'm having more trouble there than I did with college math classes, and that's saying something, believe you me.

IU should have wrapped up the outright Big However Many There Are title and instead fell to Ohio State. Then, the Hoosiers did the weirdest thing by cutting down the nets. For that, the Crean and Crimson got made fun of all over the place and it's a stunt that could come back to bite them in the patoot.

Purdue, Purdoes, Purdont. Apparently, I have no idea what they're going to do. They look all-world against Wisconsin and then give the game away at the end against Michigan. I think the only one more puzzled by the Boiling Overs is Matt Painter.

And Butler? The 'Dawgs who have become Indiana's and America's sweethearts, have fallen on hard times. A losing streak isn't something BU fans are used to.

So, with one game left for all three, what's it going to be?

IU has a tough one at Meeshegan. Purdue has Hayden Fox's Screaming Eagles, or maybe it's the real University of Minnesota, coming to town. And our 'Dawgs will be the gentlemanly hosts to Xavier, a school that blasted Butler by 15 before Thanksgiving.

I hate to say it, but the Caldron will be Mr. Negativity (can't help it, I'm reading General Bob Knight's new book The Power of Negative Thinking) and predict 0-3. Let's hope tournament time is better.