Hello Sports Fans.

Hoops season is winding down quickly for the ladies. The NFL season is all but over. The boys only have a little over a month left. And men's college basketball is still a ways away from March Madness.

Or in other words, ain't it a great time of year!

OK, OK, I guess we ought to review last week, when once again, THE CALDRON WAS SIZZLING!

Seventeen out of 21 key-rect, baby! Not too shabby! What am I saying? Shabby? It's downright awesome! Ouch! (Sorry, hurt my shoulder reaching around to pat myself on the back there.)

Overall, I got one and missed one on the NFL playoffs - can you say Falcons choke? And what's the deal with Ray Ray? The man is no saint (far, far from it) and suddenly everyone wants to paint him as some inspirational pillar that ought to be seated betwixt Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa. Boy has our society lost its way. But I digress.

We can skip the NFL this week as the only loser of the Pro Bowl game is the fans.

Let's get right to hoops, and let's start with the ladies.

Good news for the Athenians! It's been a tough year but CHS can win two out of three . . . and will indeed do so by making cold baloney out of the Hot Dogs!

More good news in the county as North wins two of its final three to finish with a fine 15-5 mark heading to sectional.

And sorry Mounties, not so good news for you. A .500 season will be tough at this point and a loss to the Tigger-kitties in Lebanon makes that a bit harder.

Over to the boys, it's a huge game for the Mounties tonight in the Sagamore at Lebanon. The male half of the Tigger-kitties are 6-0 and South is 3-1, so a South win drops LHS into a tie in the loss column. C'mon South, I'm pulling for you. Picking Lebanon, but pulling for you. (Can I make it up by picking you to open a can of Whoop Assets on Turkey Run?) (C'mon, what'd you think I was going to say, it's a family newspaper!)

And that brings us to North and winding down a tough year. It won't get any better with Go West Young Boone.

Hey, how 'bout them Butler Bulldogs? Forget the loss in Philly the other night. To do as well as they have without their leading scorer just speaks volumes for the Butler Way. Everyone wants to know the secret of how little, tiny Butler finds ways to win each and every year and hang around the nation's elite. Listen up Bunky and I'll tell you. Understand I'll get in trouble for revealing the secret, but for you guys, no worries. A lot of people think it's the great coaches who just seem to keep turning up. Some think it's the ghost of Tony Hinkle. It's none of those. Butler wins because of the golden pipes of courtside announcer and Crawfordsville Radio Superstar Dave Peach! Now you know.

OK, so the 'Dawgs have two tough A-10 games. No more doubting from this corner. Butler goes to 18-3 and stays in the top 20.

And boy do I have good news for the Purdoes folks - hey, hey, notice the change from Purdont? It's all good as the Boilers beat Iowa - but so has everyone else. And then DJ and the boys are going to turn around and smack arch-rival IU. Remember, you heard it here first - unless I'm wrong and then let's just forget all about this little prediction, ok?

See, IU has Purdoes at the worst possible time. The great state of Michigan with the Spartans and the Meeshegan Wolverine Boots sandwich Purdoes on IU's schedule. I wouldn't be surprised to see IU drop two out of three, including the Purdoes game. Lose this one Boilers, and you'll be Purdont forevermore, says Poe the poet.

Which brings me to my early Super Bowl Pick - quoth the Raven nevermore. What the heck does that mean? It means tune in next week.