Hello Sports Fans.

The older I get the harder it is to hibernate. One glass of water before the long winter's nap and I'm up and down all night. Sheesh. What's a Caldron to do?

But hey, hibernation is over, baby! It's time for football. I'm ready to hear Hank Williams, uh, I mean, Faith Hill, uh, well, somebody sing that it's time for football. Enough about this World Cup crap, the real football, American football, is back and better than ever! And what's more American than football? High school football! As Thin Lizzy used to sing, let's goooooo!

Crawfordsville at Cascade

This is the third year for these two teams to tangle in the season opener. For the record, the Men of Athens and the First-Year Cadets are tied at one win each. The good guys won two years ago 27-7 and the Cubbie Cadets rebounded last year 38-32.

And we all know it's been a while since C'ville has posted a winning season . . . 2007, but who's counting?

You know what though? There's something in the air out on 47 South - besides dust from all those great motocross races - and it's a new day for the Blue and Gold. I'm not ready to predict anything crazy yet, but after a winless 2013 campaign, it's possible that this year could begin at least 2-0. You heard me right, Bucky, two-ah!

I'm seeing C'ville off to a good start, 35-28!

South-Fountain Central

We say this every year, but isn't it fun to revisit the glory days of the ol' Wabash River Conference? This contest reminds us of the days of Southmont legendary coach, Ken Coudret and those great coaches who followed, Steve and Dave Williamson, Rick Malone and others! And history? Just recent history, but these two teams have knocked helmets in the opener since before most of this current crop of Mounties was born. Since 1996 the 'Stangs and Mounties have played 17 openers with FC holding a slim 9-8 advantage.

Make it tied again.

Southmont pulls off a close one and starts the season right, 31-28.

Benton Central-North

It's been a while since the Buffalo Breaths were any good and it's been even longer since the Chargers were bad. These two squads have opened with each other for more than the past decade and for the most part, the Chargers stampede the Buffalo . . . (Notice how I did that thing there with stampede and buffalo? Just saying.) Anyways, North has won nine of the last 11 openers and most of the time, haven't broken much of a sweat.

Hate to say it oh-you-fans-of-Orange, but they're going to have to break a sweat this time.

Fear not, I still see through the murky fog of pigskin prognosticatin' that the Chargers win. But it's going to be close. Close as in 14-12. Go North!

Strolling through the Sagamore, as John Cena used to say before last week, the Champ is Here! That would be Tri-West and the Bad-Boy-Bruins look outstanding again. Problem is, so does their opponent, West Lafayette. I see Tri-Harder winning a nail-biter. Lebanon and Western Boone give Boone County a 2-0 start with wins over Mooresville and small but mighty Sheridan. It doesn't look so hot for the Cool Dogs of Frankfort against Western and Dannyville can't keep up with Hendricks County pal TW as New Palestine rolls.