Hello Sports Fans.

Leprechauns and private schools and the battle for the bucket . . . lots to talk about this week so let's get started, shall we?

Can't fully jump into this week's games without crowing just a lot about last week though. How about picking a season-high 14 games and hitting 12? Heck if I would've done this good when I was in Witches & Warlock School I wouldn't be showing up in your favorite Montgomery County daily these days. What? You thought I came back after all these years because I missed this? Are you kidding me? The ol' Caldron needed the work and you wouldn't believe what they pay me for this! Oh my!

Anyways, pretty impressive showing last week if I do say so myself. Let's see if we can do it again.

This week, we'll start with the Old Oaken Bucket game. Indiana travels to Purdue in a game that the Vegas boys predict a Boiler victory. Not so fast Purdue Pete. Indiana is 4-7 and has had a season with more downs than ups. However, the key is that other than a couple of games IU has been competitive as hell. Unfortunately for Hurryin' Hoosier Nation, those couple of games have been in the last two weeks when IU was blown out by Wisconsin and Penn State . . . OK, OK, maybe the Penitentiary State game wasn't a blowout, but it wasn't that close either.

Purdont, on the other hand, is 5-6 and needs this win badly in order to be eligible to go bowling. The old saying in sports is, go with the team that needs it the most. The Boilers are also on a two-game win streak, even if the two wins were Iowa and Illinois.

So, Purdue needs a win to make a bowl and maybe (but I doubt it) save Danny Hope's job. Plus, a win means no losing season. Hope's teams in his four years at Purdont have only had one winning season, a 7-6 mark last year. He's 21-27 overall and 12-19 in the Big However-Many-There-Are-Now Conference. If Purdont beats IU and gets some patsy in a bowl, Hope would have back-to-back winning records. I don't know, maybe it would look good as he works on his resume.

Doesn't matter. Even though it's a rivalry game IU has played with more heart and emotion than Purdue. Gov. Mitch may have to work his magic before this program gets turned around. IU 35-24.

Notre Dame. Sigh. That little Leprechaun has bedeviled me all year this year. Now here the Irish are. The echoes have woken up. The thunder has been shaken down. And all ND needs is one little tiny win over a beat-up and battered USC team that doesn't even have their QB playing. Should be easy. It won't be. But in the end, take ND and reserve a spot in the national championship.

How "bout them Colts? Didn't I tell you it was going to be lopsided? It's OK, my wife doesn't listen to me either. This week will tell the tale of the season for Indy. Beat Buffalo and this could really be a special year. Fall here and the tumble may not stop until January. I'm going with my heart and picking Indy.

OK, I gave you the preps last week. You want it again? I give and I give and I give. How much can . . . sorry, my wife just told me to can it. OK, preps. The 5A winner is perfect. Oh, FW Snider and Lawrence Central are both 14-0. Take LC. In 4A Mishawaka falls to Cathedral, Chatard tops Hamilton of Heights in 3A, FW Luers ruins Ritter's perfect year and how do they do it, Lafayette CC wins again.

Last note, high school football's over now and college is all but wrapped up except for the bowls. The Caldron is thinking about hibernation. What do you think? A long winter nap or basketball pickin'? Let me know? I'm sorta high tech now. No, I'm not on twitter. But you can e-mail me at Caldron@thepaper24-7.com.