Photo by Seth LewisLucas Oil Stadium was a sea of red during Saturday's Louisville vs. Duke Regional Final
Photo by Seth Lewis

Lucas Oil Stadium was a sea of red during Saturday's Louisville vs. Duke Regional Final
INDIANAPOLIS - Among the 34,657 fans that were in attendance at Lucas Oil Stadium for Sunday's Regional Final matchup between Louisville and Duke was Crawfordsville senior Seth Lewis. Lewis, a Butler fan, found out on Saturday that he and his father would be attending the game. He said that it was his third time witnessing a Division 1 men's basketball game, and that the environment was unlike any of the others. The Crawfordsville senior had previously attended a Davidson vs. Purdue game, and an ISU vs. IUPUI game. Sunday's contest was the deepest into the NCAA tournament that Lewis has watched a game live.

"The environment was crazy," explained Lewis. "There were a bunch of fans from both sides, but there seemed to be more from Louisville. Even before the game started they were doing chants and just going crazy."

Lewis explained that he is first and foremost a Butler fan, but that he was pulling for Louisville because of an admitted disdain for Duke. Regardless of who the fans were rooting for, there were several moments of concern when Kevin Ware went down with a gruesome leg injury.

"I didn't see exactly what happened when it happened," said Lewis. "But I could tell based on the Louisville players' reactions that it was very serious. They wouldn't show a replay in the stadium, but everyone started to figure out that Ware was injured very seriously."

Once the concern began to settle down from the injury, the intensity in the stadium revved back up.

"Even after the injury, the environment was intense," said Lewis. "It was clear that something very serious happened, but the atmosphere got back going along with the game."

Louisville made the trip even sweeter for the senior with an 85-63 win over Duke to earn a spot in the Final Four. They will take on Wichita St. this Saturday in an effort to reach the finals.

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament does not have a set venue. The semifinals and finals took place in Indianapolis in 2010 and will return in 2015. Lewis said that he hopes to make the trip back when the finals come to town, but that there are no plans in place as of yet.