Southmont and Crawfordsville spent Saturday battling some of the best volleyball teams in the area at the Athenian Invitational. McCutcheon edged Fishers to win the four-team event, but the early county warmup went to the Athenians in straight sets.

Crawfordsville and Southmont met in the third round of the day with the Mounties taking the first set 25-18. Crawfordsville battled back in the second set, but neither team could put it away. At the end of the second set, Crawfordsville finally edged ahead by enough to even things up with a 28-26 win. The Athenians cruised to a 15-9 win in the third set, marking the only win for either team on the day.

Southmont and Crawfordsville each lost to Fishers and McCutcheon in two sets.

Crawfordsville (8-2) will go to Lebanon on Tuesday for a Sagamore Athletic Conference contest. Southmont (1-6) has county and conference rival North Montgomery at home on Tuesday.

Fishers 2, Southmont 0

25-9, 25-13

Crawfordsville 2, Southmont 1

18-25, 28-26, 15-9

McCutcheon 2, Southmont 0

25-17, 25-15

McCutcheon 2, Crawfordsville 0

25-21, 25-20

Fishers 2, Crawfordsville 0

25-15, 25-16

McCutcheon* 2, Fishers 0

25-19, 25-17

*McCutcheon won Athenians Invitational

Kills: SM- Sammy White 9, Abby Bullerdick 6, Kasey Burton 2; CHS-Hannah Hungerford 12, Kim Hampton 20

Assists: SM-Breanna Mason 31; CHS-Faith Fyffe 16, Erika Brooks 19

Digs: SM-Kaiti Chadd 26, Bullerdick 20; CHS-Lacey Garrett 22