Photo by Lori PoteetBaylee Adams and the Chargers escaped with a big win.
Photo by Lori Poteet

Baylee Adams and the Chargers escaped with a big win.
LINDEN -- North Montgomery (6-3, 5-2 SAC) came out ready to play from the first snap of the game against the visiting Danville Warriors (4-5, 4-3 SAC).

North Montgomery got the lead early and never gave it up. The Chargers went on to win 22-20, claimed second place in the Sagamore Athletic Conference and also got the win on senior night.

"That was a fun game. I'm glad the kids came out and played well for the seniors. We faced adversity and overcame it," head coach Josh Thompson said.

Danville started the game with the ball on their own 11-yard line. They ran three plays for negative one yard and were forced to punt. Junior Jordan Banta busted through the line and blocked the punt forcing the ball out of the end zone causing a safety. The safety gave the Chargers a two-point lead and the ball.

The Chargers were also forced to punt after three plays. On the punt the Danville returner muffed the ball and it rolled into the end zone where junior Alex Parsons recovered it for six. The two-point conversion was good giving the Chargers a 10-0 lead with 8:42 left in the first.

Danville fought back on the next drive. Sophomore quarterback Christian Schabel threw over the middle to senior Nick Gilliam over the middle. Gilliam made a few Chargers miss and busted the play for an 83-yard score. The two-point conversion failed. Chargers lead 10-6 after one quarter.

Fast-forwarding to the fourth quarter, the game got even more exciting.

Danville trailed 14-22 and was in a position to score. Four plays later Schabel threw deep and Parsons was able to intercept the ball. The Chargers drive would stall, however.

The two teams would exchange possession a couple times. With 4:23 left in the quarter Danville took over on the Chargers 40-yard line. After a first down run Danville set-up in shotgun on the 26-yard line. Schabel received the snap and started running towards the sideline with the ball. He pitched the ball to senior running back Ben Jones who was hit by sophomore Tanner Webster, forcing a fumble. Junior Baylee Adams recovered the ball for the Chargers.

North looked to have the game won with 3:16 left on the clock and a 22-14 lead. Danville's defense was not ready to give up. They forced the Chargers to punt after three plays that lost five yards. Danville had the ball on their 18 with 2:09 left in the game.

"We knew we needed to run some time off, but we kind of fizzled, " Thompson said.

Danville scored on four plays. On the fourth play of the drive, Schabel dropped back and found senior Jonathan Curtis. Curtis broke tackles and took the ball 60 yards to the 5-yard line where he fumbled the ball. Boyd picked up the ball on the 5 and scored to put the Warriors within two points.

"This is it. We got to stop them. I don't remember the play call. I just remembered thinking stop them" senior defensive end Kobi Wray said.

That is exactly what the Chargers did. Danville brought in a new quarterback and he tried punching the ball up the middle. He started in a deep shotgun to get a head of steam. That head of steam did not help when he ran into sophomore Tanner Webster who stopped him in his tracks.

"We just needed to stop to win for the seniors. I may have missed the little tackles, but that one meant a lot to the seniors, " Webster said.

The Chargers recovered Danville's onside kick and ran the clock out for a 22-20 win.

"I couldn't be more proud of Tanner. It's a huge win and gives us momentum going into sectionals" senior defensive end John Akers said.