DANVILLE – Though the North Montgomery Chargers were able to dodge incoming storms on Thursday night, they weren’t able to avoid Danville’s strong batters falling 6-0.

Danville consistently added runs throughout the game, making it tough on the Chargers in the field. North Montgomery junior pitcher Kathryn Sabens went all seven innings and earned two strike outs at the end of the contest.

“Kathryn threw a great game, though she only had two strike outs,” North Montgomery assistant coach John Warren said. “She did give up some hits, but you know part of those hits that should have been caught.”

The Warriors were equally competitive at the mound as freshman Cassidy Tewes earned four strike outs in the game.

“I think Cassidy did well. She’s a freshman pitcher and this is just her second game,” Danville coach Cortnaye Love said. “It was a conference game and I think she was getting a little nervous, she wasn’t quite hitting all of the pitches that I know she can. But for a freshman pitcher, second game, I thought she did pretty well.”

The Warriors jumped to an early lead with a run in each of the first two innings. At the start of the bottom of the third inning, junior Emma Dwyer hit a triple for Danville. Following that freshman Rees Goldsberry got a base hit and Dwyer scored a run for the Warriors.

Danville continued this trend of starting off with a bang as junior Sam Glaser hit a home run to start off the bottom of the fourth inning. North Montgomery, even through their tough night of hitting, managed to put three players on base in the fifth.

Sophomores Joy Shirar and Kathryn Sabens both got base hits in the game.

“We put the ball in play, we just didn’t get the big hit when we needed it,” Warren said. “You know defensively, we made four errors, and that hurts, you can’t give them extra outs.”

The Chargers capitalized on most of their opportunities in the field, catching 11 of the Warriors hits to earn outs.

“One time we had bases loaded with our two big hitters coming up, and we didn’t produce,” Warren said. “We struck out four times tonight which isn’t terrible, we just didn’t get the base hits.”

The Warriors had nine base hits and played even better in the field.

“We definitely had confidence out in the field, which was a big factor. Also, we know what our goals are for the season,” Danville coach Love said. “We aren’t willing to compromise on that, so we all came out here as a team expecting to win.”

The Chargers (0-10) play a double header at Western Boone Saturday.