The Warriors and Bruins wrestling teams battled on the mats today in the IHSAA Avon Wrestling Sectionals.

Danville place fourth with 133.5 points, and Tri-West placed seventh with 69 points. Avon won first place at sectionals with 267.5.

Four wrestlers from Tri-West will be continuing on to compete at regionals. They include: Marcus Anderson, Davaughn Anderson, Austin McCann, and Max Kirk. Nine will be advancing from Danville as well. Those individuals are: Brock Hudkins, Elliott Molloy, Bryce King, Zach Freeman, Jace Heitkamp, Kody Caudle, and Kameron Caudle.

Marcus Anderson placed second in the 195 weight class. Davaughn Anderson placed third at 106. Austin McCann placed fourth at 160. Max Kirk placed fourth at 182.

Brock Hudkins placed first in the 120 weight class. Elliott Molloy won first place at 126. Bryce King got fourth at 138. Zach Freeman won fourth place at 145. Jace Heitkamp received fifth place at 152. Kody Caudle placed second at 160. Kameron Caudle won third at 195.

Cheer on the Danville Warriors and the Tri-West Bruins as they compete at the Mooresville Regionals Feb. 7 at 9 a.m. Admissions is $7.

106 Results

1st Place - MASON MIRANDA of Avon

2nd Place - TYLER MILLS of Brownsburg

3rd Place - DAVAUGHN ANDERSON of Tri-West Hendricks

4th Place - KEATON BOSWELL of Greencastle

5th Place - GARRET LUCAS of Ben Davis

6th Place - TERRAN WITTIG of North Putnam

1st Place Match

MASON MIRANDA (Avon) 15-3, Fr. over TYLER MILLS (Brownsburg) 27-5, Fr. (Dec 6-3).

3rd Place Match

DAVAUGHN ANDERSON (Tri-West Hendricks) 25-6, So. over KEATON BOSWELL (Greencastle) 25-8, Fr. (Dec 1-0).

5th Place Match

GARRET LUCAS (Ben Davis) 13-18, Fr. over TERRAN WITTIG (North Putnam) 26-18, Fr. (Dec 7-4).

113 Results

1st Place - JACOB SKAGGS of Avon

2nd Place - NICHOLAS WEAVER of Brownsburg

3rd Place - HUNTER FOX of Cascade

4th Place - RYLEY COOK of Greencastle

5th Place - MAURICE MACKLIN of Ben Davis

6th Place - JACOB SCOTT of North Putnam

1st Place Match

JACOB SKAGGS (Avon) 26-7, So. over NICHOLAS WEAVER (Brownsburg) 33-4, Jr. (Dec 4-1).

3rd Place Match

HUNTER FOX (Cascade) 27-4, Sr. over RYLEY COOK (Greencastle) 27-5, Sr. (Dec 5-0).

5th Place Match

MAURICE MACKLIN (Ben Davis) 10-16, So. over JACOB SCOTT (North Putnam) 28-14, Fr. (Inj. 0:00).

120 Results

1st Place - BROCK HUDKINS of Danville

2nd Place - JAMES PRITCHETT of Ben Davis

3rd Place - BLAKE MULKEY of Brownsburg

4th Place - KIEFFER VITTETOW of South Putnam

5th Place - BAILEY CHATTERTON of Avon

6th Place - AUSTIN HUDSON of Cascade

1st Place Match

BROCK HUDKINS (Danville) 22-0, Jr. over JAMES PRITCHETT (Ben Davis) 31-4, Jr. (MD 14-4).

3rd Place Match

BLAKE MULKEY (Brownsburg) 30-8, Fr. over KIEFFER VITTETOW (South Putnam) 17-8, So. (MD 10-0).

5th Place Match

BAILEY CHATTERTON (Avon) 14-18, Sr. over AUSTIN HUDSON (Cascade) 23-16, Fr. (Fall 1:20).

126 Results

1st Place - ELLIOTT MOLLOY of Danville

2nd Place - CALEB LOMAN of Avon

3rd Place - CONNOR ALLEN of Brownsburg

4th Place - JACOB LORIMER of South Putnam

5th Place - DALTON DUNCAN of Ben Davis

6th Place - MICHAEL ANDERSON of Greencastle

1st Place Match

ELLIOTT MOLLOY (Danville) 36-0, Jr. over CALEB LOMAN (Avon) 18-14, Sr. (Fall 0:53).

3rd Place Match

CONNOR ALLEN (Brownsburg) 20-8, Jr. over JACOB LORIMER (South Putnam) 28-8, Jr. (MD 8-0).

5th Place Match

DALTON DUNCAN (Ben Davis) 23-14, Fr. over MICHAEL ANDERSON (Greencastle) 25-8, Fr. (Dec 10-6).

132 Results

1st Place - BRAYTON LEE of Brownsburg

2nd Place - JAYLEN ROTH of Ben Davis

3rd Place - JACOB CLARK of Avon

4th Place - TREA CARRINGTON of Greencastle

5th Place - JACOB PLESSINGER of North Putnam

6th Place - CHANEY DONOVAN of Cascade

1st Place Match

BRAYTON LEE (Brownsburg) 37-0, Fr. over JAYLEN ROTH (Ben Davis) 17-2, Jr. (TF-1.5 2:59 (20-5)).

3rd Place Match

JACOB CLARK (Avon) 12-8, So. over TREA CARRINGTON (Greencastle) 24-9, So. (Fall 5:17).

5th Place Match

JACOB PLESSINGER (North Putnam) 21-12, Jr. over CHANEY DONOVAN (Cascade) 8-24, Fr. (Fall 1:31).

138 Results

1st Place - NICK WEDDLE of Ben Davis

2nd Place - QUINN HARRIS of Avon

3rd Place - SAEVON CANTO of Brownsburg

4th Place - BRYCE KING of Danville

5th Place - THOMAS LONG of Cascade

6th Place - LEVI WHITAKER of South Putnam

1st Place Match

NICK WEDDLE (Ben Davis) 31-6, Sr. over QUINN HARRIS (Avon) 20-4, Sr. (MD 9-0).

3rd Place Match

SAEVON CANTO (Brownsburg) 24-12, Sr. over BRYCE KING (Danville) 22-10, So. (Dec 3-1).

5th Place Match

THOMAS LONG (Cascade) 26-7, Fr. over LEVI WHITAKER (South Putnam) 17-18, So. (Fall 1:51).

145 Results

1st Place - KEATON FAINTER of Avon

2nd Place - TROY OWEN of Brownsburg

3rd Place - BRADY JOHNSON of Ben Davis

4th Place - ZACH FREEMAN of Danville

5th Place - DILLON GORDAN of Cascade

6th Place - JACKSON SZCZERBIK of Cloverdale

1st Place Match

KEATON FAINTER (Avon) 25-9, Sr. over TROY OWEN (Brownsburg) 27-11, Jr. (Dec 3-0).

3rd Place Match

BRADY JOHNSON (Ben Davis) 12-12, So. over ZACH FREEMAN (Danville) 17-20, Sr. (Dec 6-5).

5th Place Match

DILLON GORDAN (Cascade) 18-20, So. over JACKSON SZCZERBIK (Cloverdale) 14-16, Jr. (Dec 6-2).

152 Results

1st Place - MARCUS MIRANDA of Avon

2nd Place - BRANDON GAY of Brownsburg

3rd Place - SEAN JONES of Ben Davis

4th Place - JACE HEITKAMP of Danville

5th Place - NICK BLUNDELL of Cloverdale

6th Place - KAMERSON BEAR of Tri-West Hendricks

1st Place Match

MARCUS MIRANDA (Avon) 25-7, Sr. over BRANDON GAY (Brownsburg) 30-9, Sr. (Dec 10-6).

3rd Place Match

SEAN JONES (Ben Davis) 21-15, Sr. over JACE HEITKAMP (Danville) 13-19, Fr. (Dec 10-7).

5th Place Match

NICK BLUNDELL (Cloverdale) 14-14, Jr. over KAMERSON BEAR (Tri-West Hendricks) 4-6, So. (Fall 1:26).

160 Results

1st Place - BRENDON HELM of Avon

2nd Place - KODY CAUDLE of Danville

3rd Place - ARKEE GLOVER of Brownsburg

4th Place - AUSTIN MCCANN of Tri-West Hendricks

5th Place - JAMES BROWN of Greencastle

6th Place - DAVID TURNER of Cascade

1st Place Match

BRENDON HELM (Avon) 29-2, Sr. over KODY CAUDLE (Danville) 31-5, Sr. (Dec 5-0).

3rd Place Match

ARKEE GLOVER (Brownsburg) 3-1, Jr. over AUSTIN MCCANN (Tri-West Hendricks) 11-12, So. (Dec 6-4).

5th Place Match

JAMES BROWN (Greencastle) 22-9, Sr. over DAVID TURNER (Cascade) 8-22, Fr. (MD 13-4).

170 Results

1st Place - DYLAN LYDY of Ben Davis

2nd Place - NATHAN WALTON of Brownsburg

3rd Place - ANTHONY PEDROZA of Avon

4th Place - ANDREW RUIZ of Greencastle

5th Place - CODY WYATT of South Putnam

6th Place - TONY KAHL of Tri-West Hendricks

1st Place Match

DYLAN LYDY (Ben Davis) 35-0, Sr. over NATHAN WALTON (Brownsburg) 34-5, Fr. (Dec 11-4).

3rd Place Match

ANTHONY PEDROZA (Avon) 17-9, Sr. over ANDREW RUIZ (Greencastle) 22-10, Jr. (TF-1.5 3:45 (16-0)).

5th Place Match

CODY WYATT (South Putnam) 14-8, So. over TONY KAHL (Tri-West Hendricks) 18-13, So. (Inj. 0:00).

182 Results

1st Place - KYLE SHAFFER of South Putnam

2nd Place - EVAN ELMORE of Avon

3rd Place - SETH BRONGER of Brownsburg

4th Place - MAX KIRK of Tri-West Hendricks

5th Place - JACOB GIBSON of Cloverdale

6th Place - DAVID FLANNELLY of North Putnam

1st Place Match

KYLE SHAFFER (South Putnam) 33-0, So. over EVAN ELMORE (Avon) 22-3, Sr. (Dec 13-7).

3rd Place Match

SETH BRONGER (Brownsburg) 24-16, Sr. over MAX KIRK (Tri-West Hendricks) 7-6, Jr. (Dec 9-2).

5th Place Match

JACOB GIBSON (Cloverdale) 10-12, Sr. over DAVID FLANNELLY (North Putnam) 19-23, So. (Fall 2:33).

195 Results

1st Place - ISAAC MCCORMICK of Brownsburg

2nd Place - MARCUS ANDERSON of Tri-West Hendricks

3rd Place - KAMERON CAUDLE of Danville

4th Place - TIMI OSHO of Avon

5th Place - WILL CRUISE of South Putnam

6th Place - CADE WINSLOW of Greencastle

1st Place Match

ISAAC MCCORMICK (Brownsburg) 31-8, So. over MARCUS ANDERSON (Tri-West Hendricks) 17-7, Jr. (Fall 2:56).

3rd Place Match

KAMERON CAUDLE (Danville) 11-17, So. over TIMI OSHO (Avon) 15-13, Jr. (Fall 3:44).

5th Place Match

WILL CRUISE (South Putnam) 16-8, Jr. over CADE WINSLOW (Greencastle) 15-16, Fr. (Fall 2:32).

220 Results

1st Place - GUNNAR LARSON of Avon

2nd Place - KASHA WILDER of Ben Davis

3rd Place - REILLY PETERSON of Brownsburg

4th Place - BRADLEY BALLARD of South Putnam

5th Place - BOBBY SCHEELE of North Putnam

6th Place - BRADEN LADY of Greencastle

1st Place Match

GUNNAR LARSON (Avon) 29-3, So. over KASHA WILDER (Ben Davis) 20-4, Sr. (SV-1 2-1).

3rd Place Match

REILLY PETERSON (Brownsburg) 23-12, Fr. over BRADLEY BALLARD (South Putnam) 21-9, So. (Fall 1:21).

5th Place Match

BOBBY SCHEELE (North Putnam) 21-8, Jr. over BRADEN LADY (Greencastle) 20-12, Fr. (Fall 1:52).

285 Results

1st Place - NORMAN OGLESBY of Ben Davis

2nd Place - JOEY MASTERS of South Putnam

3rd Place - BRETT HENSON of Avon

4th Place - ZACH HARLAN of Brownsburg

5th Place - JAMES BANICH of Danville

6th Place - JOE JANUARY of Greencastle

1st Place Match

NORMAN OGLESBY (Ben Davis) 25-0, Sr. over JOEY MASTERS (South Putnam) 20-3, Jr. (Fall 3:05).

3rd Place Match

BRETT HENSON (Avon) 27-8, So. over ZACH HARLAN (Brownsburg) 20-10, Sr. (Dec 3-1).

5th Place Match

JAMES BANICH (Danville) 24-14, Sr. over JOE JANUARY (Greencastle) 11-14, So. (Fall 3:28).