LIZTON -- Danville and Tri-West finished fourth and fifth in the Hendricks County wrestling tournament.

Brownsburg ran away with the team title with a score of 240.50. Avon finished second with a score of 221.50. Plainfield finished third with a score of 163.00. Danville finished with a score of 104.00, followed by Tri-West with a score of 60.00. Cascade finished sixth with a score of 43.00.

Avon won the most weight classes with six.

Danville junior Elliott Molloy won the 126 pound weight class, picking up two wins by pin fall. Danville senior Kody Caudle won the 160 pound weight class, winning the final match 3-0.

Team Results:

1. Brownsburg 240.50.

2. Avon 221.50

3. Plainfield 163.00

4. Danville 104.00

5. Tri-West 60.00

6. Cascade 43.00

Individual results:


Davaugh Anderson (TW) won by forfeit.

Ty Mills (B) pin Davaugn Anderson (TW), 2:20.

Davaugh Anderson (TW) won by forfeit.

3rd Place - Davaughn Anderson (TW) pin Anthony Wilson (P), 2:08

Danville did not have a wrestler.


Nick Weaver (B) pin Solomon Dial (D), 1:17

Solomon Dial (D) def. Nick Boodt (A)

3rd Place - Solomon Dial (D) pin Jack Flanagan (P), 3:40

Tri-West did not have a wrestler.


Danville and Tri-West did not have a wrestler.


Elliott Molloy (D) won by forfeit.

Elliott Molloy (D) pin Chase Spears (P), 2:15.

1st Place - Elliott Molloy (D) pin Ryan Bigelow (B), 3:34.

Tri-West did not have a wrestler.


Kyle Smith (D) pin Mason Smith (P), 1:01.

1st Place - Brayton Lee (B) pin Kyle Smith (D), 5:11.

Tri-West did not have a wrestler.


Sevon Canto (B) pin Grant Turner (TW), 1:50.

Bryce King (D) dec. Keegan Sweeney (P), 6-4.

1st Place - Quinn Harris (A) dec. Bryce King (D), 5-2.

Keegan Sweeney (P) pin Grant Turner (TW), :32.


Zack Freeman (D) pin Dylan Gordon (C).

Troy Owen (B) pin Zack Freeman (D), 3:19.

3rd Place - Peyton Jones (P) pin Zack Freeman, :13.

Tri-West did not have a wrestler.


Marcus Miranda (A) pin Dawson Ash (TW), :45.

Dawson Ash (TW) won by forfeit.

Dawson Ash (TW) pin Mitchell Cooper (C), :28.

Danville did not have a wrestler.


Danny Reams (P) dec. Austin McCann (TW), 9-7 OT.

Kody Caudle (D) pin Anthony Pedroza (A), 5:56.

1st Place - Kody Caudle (D) dec. Brandon Gay (B), 3-0.

Anthony Pedroza (A) pin Austin McCann (TW), 2:05.


Daniel Wheat (C) pin Tony Kahl (TW), 3:57.

Nathan Walton (B) pin Dylan Plant (D), 1:07.

Tony Kahl (TW) pin Dylan Plant (D), 4:00.

3rd Place - Dayton Clements (P) dec. Tony Kahl (TW),4-2.


Evan Elmore (A) pin Jake Ruschmeier (TW), :44.

Cody Kammerer (P) dec. Kameron Caudle (D), 6-4 OT.

Cody Kammerer (P) pin Jake Ruschmeier (TW), 2:21.

Jesse Vanness (C) dec. Kameron Caudle (D), 5-2.


Timi Osho (A) dec. Antjuan Finch (D), 5-2.

Isaac McCormick pin Marcus Anderson (TW), 1:06.

Marcus Anderson (TW) def. Antjuan Finch (D).

3rd Place - Marcus Anderson (TW) dec. Timi Osho (A), 5-1.


Nic White (TW) won by forfeit.

Gunnar Larson (A) pin Nic White (TW), 1:16.

Nic White (TW) pin Alex Chruch (C), :26.

3rd Place - Ernesto Mariscal (P) pin Nic White (TW), 2:47.

Danville did not have a wrestler.


Brett Henson (A) def. Austin Staton (TW).

Brett Henson (A) dec. James Banich (D), 3-0.

James Banich (D) pin Seth Betchel (C), 1:45.

Zach Harlan (B) def. Austin Staton (TW).

3rd Place - Zach Harlan (B) pin James Banich (D), 2:56.