The Paper photo by Lori Poteet 
Cali Saunders comes up firing for Crawfordsville.
The Paper photo by Lori Poteet
Cali Saunders comes up firing for Crawfordsville.

FRANKFORT – The Frankfort Hot Dogs came out on a mission in the first day of Sectional 25 softball action. They jumped out 10-0 against Crawfordsville on their way to a 14-4 five-inning run rule.

“That’s been our thing all year. We can hit the ball. We’re going to give up some runs, but we’ll score some at the same time,” Hot Dog coach Kevin Ricks said.

Frankfort had 14 hits with 12 RBIs, eight of the hits coming in the first.

“Especially here in the post-season, it’s always important to score early and score as much as you can,” Ricks added. “I knew we would give up a run here or there but to get 10 in the first was huge. You have that cushion. You have to keep the pedal down and keep going.”

They pushed the pedal just enough to keep their 10 run lead despite Michaela French’s efforts at the plate.

French put the Athenians on the board with a 2-run homer in the third, scoring Holley Walters who got on after a single. This put the score at 11-2.

Frankfort hit back in the bottom of the same with a run to keep the five-inning goal alive. But French came back for more in the fourth, hitting a 2-RBI single, scoring Olivia Barnett and Mackenzie Lynas (each got on from an error and a hit by pitch).

“It’s a 4-4 game without the first inning,” Athenian coach Britney Carpenter said. “But we can’t spot a team 10 runs and too often expect to come back from that.”

The Athenians ended their season at 6-19.

“What I asked from the very beginning is when people walk away from watching us play, I hope that they say we never quit,” Carpenter said of her team. “We are going to make mistakes. We are a young team and inexperienced but when everybody walks away, coaches, fans, umpires, players, are they going to say, ‘Man, they really gave up’ or ‘They just kept coming.’ And I feel like we did that.”

Olivia Barnett came away with the loss, relieving Mia Stadler after two outs in the first. Ashley Mullins got the win, throwing the first two innings.

Frankfort (15-8) faces Western Boone (13-14) tonight at 5:30 p.m.