DANVILLE - The Danville and Frankfort swim teams split a meet Saturday at Danville.

The Danville girls defeated their Sagamore Athletic Conference opponent 108-70, while the Frankfort boys won 93-80.

Danville's Sydney Elliot and Isabelle Mitchell each won two events and were part of two winning relay teams for the girls. Kendall Startzman won two events for the Lady Warriors.

Frankfort was led by Charles Frey, who won the 100 fly and was a member of the winning 200 medley relay and 400 free relay.

Frankfort takes on Crawfordsville Tuesday, Jan. 6. Danville travels to North Putnam on Saturday, Jan. 3.


Danville 108, Frankfort 70

200 MEDLEY RELAY: Danville (Sydney Kroll, Isabelle Mitchell, Sydney Elliott, Brenna Shelley) 2:07.35, Frankfort (Kamryn Dehn, Arikka Martin, Sofia Byrd, Annie Giebel) 2:15.36, Danville (Hunter Burke, Natalie Huffman, Kyra Shelley, Sarah Miller) 2:25.50.

200 FREE: Sydney Elliot (D) 2:12.16, Sydney Kroll (D) 2:13.28, Heather Carman (D) 2:29.41

200 IM: Isabelle Mitchell (D) 2:34.93, Arikka Martin (F) 2:41.26, Kyra Shelley (D) 3:00.27

50 FREE: Brenna Shelley (D) 28.59, Annie Giebel (F) 28.72, Celiase (F) 29.71

DIVING: Kendall Startzman (D) 185.15, Stephanie Ostler (F) 181.25.

100 FLY: Sydney Elliot (D) 1:08.06, Sofia Byrd (F) 1:08.17, Celiase Martinez (F) 1:14.57.

100 FREE: Kendall Startzman (D) 1:02.77, Brenna Shelley (D) 1:03.31, Bailee Laughnew (F) 1:15.14

500 FREE: Sofia Byrd (F) 6:15.59, Heather Carman (D) 6:31.92, Lauren King (F) 6:50.82.

200 FREE RELAY: Danville (Kendall Startzman, Sarah Miller, Natalie Huffman, Heather Carman) 2:02.93, Frankfort (Lauren King, Bailee Laughner, Kiersten Adams, Celiase Martinez) 2:08.41, Frankfort (Brooke Ayres, Sarah Ostler, Stephanie Ostler, Katie Stitsworth) 2:30.04.

100 BACK: Sydney Kroll (D) 1:10.99, Annie Giebel (F) 1:13.77, Hunter Burke (D) 1:17.88.

100 BREAST: Isabelle Mitchell (D) 1:15.95, Natalie Huffman (D) 1:31.37, Katie Rhoda (F) 1:34.35.

400 FREE RELAY: Danville (Sydney Elliot, Brenna Shelley, Isabelle Mitchell, Sydney Kroll) 4:16.42, Frankfort (Annie Giebel, Arikka Martin, Celiase Martinez, Sofia Byrd) 4:23.92, Danville (Kendall Startzman, Kyra Shelley, Hunter Burke, Heather Carman) 4:32.62.


Frankfort 93, Danville 80

200 MEDLEY RELAY: Frankfort (Kyle Giebel, Micah Rose, Charles Frey, Ivan Torres) 1:50.67, Danville (Joel Richardson, Zach Saito, Tyler Ray, Rafael Saliba) 1:59.90, Frankfort (Javier Aguirre, Taylor Leitzman, Aaron Greeno, Jason Belcher) 2:11.65

200 FREE: Devon Berg (D) 1:57.22, Kyle Giebel (F) 1:58.19, Charles Frey (F) 2:11.96.

200 IM: Austin Stewart (D) 2:22.51, Micah Rose (F) 2:30.02, Rafael Saliba (D) 2:37.65.

50 FREE: Zach Saito (D) 25.00, Tristan Martin (F) 25.90, Jesse Cox (D) 27.74.

DIVING: Dylan Porter (D) 211.00, Eli Alexander (D) 206.60, Ereck Deckard (F) 187.00

100 FLY: Charles Frey (F) 58.87, Irvin Torres (F) 59.63, Austin Stewart (D) 1:03.13

100 FREE: Devon Berg (D) 53.04, Rafael Saliba (D) 57.22, Tristan Martin (F) 57.34.

500 FREE: Irvin Torres (F) 6:25.68, Jesse Cox (D) 6:30.81, Javier Aguirre (F) 6:53.02

200 FREE RELAY: Danville (Devon Berg, Austin Stewart, Rafael Saliba, Jesse Cox) 1:42.74, Frankfort (Tristan Martin, Ereck Deckard, Tylor Leitzman, Kyle Giebel) 1:51.75.

100 BACK: Kyle Giebel (F) 1:02.74, Joel Richardson (D) 1:03.00, Jason Belcher (F) 1:52.10

100 BREAST: Micah Rose (F) 1:12.15, Zach Saito (D) 1:17.47, Tylor Leitzman (F) 1:24.67

400 FREE RELAY: Frankfort (Irvin Torres, Tristan Martin, Micah Rose, Charles Frey) 3:40.80, Danville (Devon Berg, Austin Stewart, Joel Richardson, Zach Saito) 3:42.75, Frankfort (Aaron Greeno, Ereck Deckard, Jason Belcher, Javier Aguirre) 5:04.42.