Zionsville ended the IHSAA Girls 2015 Sectional for Swimming and Diving on top with 538 points. They won by 225 points over second place McCutcheon. Lebanon ended the Sectional in 7th place with 151 points, placing in four events. Frankfort placed 8th in the meet scoring 131 points while placing in five events.

Makayla Copeland, Makenzy Stoyke, Gabi Reese, and Courtney Reynolds placed fifth for Lebanon in the 200 Medley Relay. Reese also placed in the 200 IM. Makenzy Tibbot, Nikki Bartlett, Noelle Parks, and Reese placed seventh in the 200 Free Relay. Noelle Parks, Angie Zheng, Abby Princell, and Courtney Reynolds placed eighth in the 400 Free Relay.

Sofia Byrd placed eighth for Frankfort in the 200 Freestyle. Stephanie Ostler placed fourth in Diving. Byrd placed sixth in the 100 Butterfly. Annie Giebel, Celiase Martinez, Arikka Martin, and Sofia Byrd placed eighth in the 200 Free Relay. Annie Giebel, Celiase Martinez, Arikka Martin, and Sofia Byrd placed seventh in the 400 Free Relay.

These swimmers will now advance on to the state finals at Zionsville for a chance of a state title.

Zionsville 538,McCutcheon 313, Harrison (West Lafayette) 299, West Lafayette 287, Lafayette Jefferson 159, Clinton Central 159, Lebanon 151, Frankfort 131, Lafayette Central Catholic 79, Carroll (Flora) 65, University 29

200 MEDLEY RELAY: Zionsville (Tessa Wrightson, Gretta DeCoursey, Audrey Battisti, Claire Brewer) 1:47.21, McCutcheon (Abi Commons, Clare Gallagher, Karen Zamora, Danielle Auckley) 1:53.73, West Lafayette (Amanda Watt, Carloine LaPlant, Melissa Gutwein, Gabrielle Truitt) 1:56.96, Harrison (Kadie Grundy, Sylvia McFadden, Taylor Gerhart, Casey Wolfschlag) 1:58.96, Lebanon (Makayla Copeland, Makenzy Tibbot, Gabi Reese, Courtney Reynolds) 2:04.20, Lafayette Jefferson (Rachel Harmon, Mackenzie Stoyke, Jacqueline Donahue, Erin Huston) 2:16.85, Clinton Central (Samantha Smith, Taylor Smith, Zoe McDaniel, Megan Ferrel) 2:17.90, Carroll (Macy Wright, Kate Schneckloth, Saidie Wickersham, Madison Miller) 2:20.39

200 FREE: Kylie Mihok (Z) 1:49.89, Jordan Thielbar (Z) 1:57.64, Kate Gallagher (M) 1:59.80, Abby Way (Z) 2:00.09, Scotlyn Sunkel (LJ) 2:05.85, Annie Lee (H) 2:06.48, Haley Niemann (CC) 2:08.46, Sofia Byrd (F) 2:09.93

200 IM: Taite Kitchel (Z) 2:01.67, Audrey Battisti (Z) 2:14.12, Claudia Pobanz (Z) 2:17.91, Clare Gallagher (M) 2:18.31, Sylvia McFadden (H) 2:22.64, Caroline LaPlant (WL) 2:23.51, Taylor Gerhart (H) 2:24.90, Gabi Reese (L) 2:25.76

50 FREE: Danielle Auckley (M) 23.91, Claire Brewer (Z) 24.85, Cally Sampson (Z) 24.87, Cassidy Sampson (Z) 24.96, Gavrielle Truitt (WL) 25.87, Casey Wolfschlag (H) 25.35, Hanna DeLong (M) 26.74, Carly Duncan (U) 27.15

DIVING: Allsion Green (WL) 402.50, Amy Plocharczyk (Z) 358.25, Elaine Davis (LCC) 331.90, Stephanie Ostler (F) 326.35, Sydney Donoho (M) 311.75, Alycia McEachen (LJ) 309.70, Ryan Wierenga (H) 307.50, Mariah Ireland (H) 303.75

100 BUTTERFLY: Taite Kitchel (Z) 54.82, Karen Zamora (M) 1:01.24, Melissa Gutwein (WL) 1:01.37, Kailie Howe (Z) 1:03.38, Grace Stewart (CC) 1:03.42, Sofia Byrd (F) 1:05.10, Janie Zeh (H) 1:08.65, Kylee Hickcs (LCC) 1:09.26

100 FREE: Kylie Mihok (Z) 51.10, Gretta DeCoursey (Z) 51.66, Danielle Auckley (M) 51.84, Claire Brewer (Z) 54.84, Gabrielle Truitt (WL) 56.26, Abi Commons (M) 57.96, Casey Wolfschlag (H) 58.25, Kylie Crenshaw (CC) 1:00.42

500 FREE: Jordan Thielbar (Z) 5:10.90, Abby Way (Z) 5:21.74, Kate Gallagher (M) 5:23.08, Claudia Pobanz (Z) 5:26.65, Amanda Watt (WL) 5:33.05, Scotlyn Sunkel (LJ) 5:38.77, Annie Lee (H) 5:39.17, Haley Niemann (CC) 5:50.68

200 FREE RELAY: Zionsville (Gretta DeCoursey, Tessa Wrightson, Taite Kitchel, Kylie Mihok) 1:36.37, McCutcheon (Hanna DeLong, Kate Gallagher, Clare Gallagher, Danielle Auckley) 1:41.96, West Lafayette (Melissa Gutwein, Amanda Watt, Kelsey Potts, Gabrielle Truitt) 1:46.19, Harrison (Taylor Grhart, Sylvia McFadden, Holly Weilbaker, Casey Wolfschlag) 1:48.29, Clinton Central (Grace Stewart, Kylie Crenshaw, Taylor Smith, Haley Niemann) 1:49.41, Lafayette Jefferson (Caroline Trout, Samantha Preston, Molly Roberts, Scotlyn Sunkel) 1:51.24, Lebanon (Makenzy Tibbot, Nikki Bartlett, Noelle Parks, Gabi Reese) 1:54.22, Frankfort (Annie Giebel, Celiase Martinez, Arikka Martin, Sofia Byrd) 1:54.61

100 BACK: Tessa Wrightson (F) 57.25, Cally Sampson (Z) 58.54, Cassidy Sampson (Z) 1:00.69, Abi Commons (M) 1:04.57, Amanda Watt (WL) 1:05.84, Kadie Grundy (H) 1:06.82, Janie Zeh (H) 1:07.71, Avery Weber (H) 1:08.37

100 BREAST: Zoe Guckien (Z) 1:08.83, Melissa Gutwein (WL) 1:09.54, Julia Plant (Z) 1:10.85,Kailie Howe (Z) 1:11.32, Clare Gallagher (M) 1:11.49, Sylvia McFadden (H) 1:12.60, Caroline LaPlant (WL) 1:13.16, Grace Stewart (CC) 1:15.63

400 FREE RELAY: Zionsville (Taite Kitchel, Gretta DeCoursey, Tessa Wrightson, Kylie Mihok) 3:26.44, McCutcheon (Hanna DeLong, Abi Commons, Karen Zamora, Kate Gallagher) 3:54.63, Clinton Central (Haley Niemann, Kylie Crenshaw, Samantha Smith, Grace Stewart) 4:01.16, Harrison (Janie Zeh, Avery Weber, Holly Weilbaker, Annie Lee) 4:03.10, West Lafayette (Riley Kastens, Olivia Long, Caroline LaPlant, Kelsey Potts) 4:03.84, Lafayette Jefferson (Scotlyn Sunkel, Caroline Trout, Molly Roberts, Samantha Preston) 4:07.41, Frankfort (Annie Giebel, Celiase Martinez, Arikka Martin, Sofia Byrd) 4:14.43, Lebanon (Noelle Parks, Angie Zheng, Abby Princell, Courtney Reynolds) 4:19.93