The Frankfort Hot Dogs prevailed over the Logansport Berries today with substantial results.

Frankfort placed first in 10 of the 11 events. The Hot Dogs scored almost double the points winning 111-56.

All of the following Frankfort athletes placed first in their events: Kyle Giebel, Micah Rose, Charles Frey, Tristan Martin, Irvin Torres, and Joel Valdes.

You can see the Frankfort Hot Dogs boys' swim team in action during their next dual meet on Feb. 11 at Harrison.

Frankfort 111, Logansport 56

200 MEDLEY RELAY: Frankfort (Kyle Giebel, Micah Rose, Charles Frey, Tristan Martin) 1:53.18 Logansport (Z. Ellington, Z. Denshorn, D. Servin, A. Ledonne) 2:04.26 Frankfort (Brandon Vasquez, Partick Bartley, Arron Greeno, Javier Aguirre) 2:12.64

200 FREE: Kyle Giebel (F) 2:01.19, T. Benn (L) 2:11.28, Javier Aguirre (F) 2:21.99

200 IM: Charles Frey (F) 2:18.84, Micah Rose (F) 2:21.92, Z. Denshorn (L) 2:27.58

50 FREE: Irvin Torres (F) 24.17, Tristan Martin (F) 25.15, A. Ledonne (L) 25.65

100 FLY: Irvin Torres (F) 57.51, Charles Frey (F) 58.33, Aaron Greeno (F) 1:07.28

100 FREE: Tristan Martin (F) 55.04, T. Benn (L) 1:00.00, Joel Valdes (F) 1:00.21

500 FREE: Z. Denshorn (L) 6:11.85, Javier Aguirre (F) 6:22.11, Patrick Bartley (F) 6:37.34

200 FREE RELAY: Frankfort (Joel Valdes, Micah Rose, Tristan Martin, Irvin Torres) 1:43.78 Logansport (Z. Ellington, J. Vasquez, V. Vasquez, T. Benn) 1:55.00 Logansport (A. Torres, C. Rodriquez, K. Army, T. Gaby) 2:09.95

100 BACK: Kyle Giebel (F) 1:02.60, Brandon Vasquez (F) 1:13.84, Patrick Bartley (F) 1:19.40

100 BREAST: Micah Rose (F) 1:09.15, D. Servin (L) 1:13.15, A. Ledonne (L) 1:19.67

400 FREE RELAY: Frankfort (Kyle Giebel, Joel Valdes, Irvin Torres, Charles Frey) 3:50.20 Logansport (T. Benn, D. Servin, Z. Denshorn, A. Ledonne) 4:03.84 Frankfort (Javier Aguirre, Patrick Bartley, Aaron Greeno, Brandon Vasquez) 4:13.50