Doesn't it seem kind of ironic? Now that the weather has gotten very spring-like, the spring sports at Wabash are rapidly coming to a conclusion.

During final exams week, no athletic events take place. The guys need to be tunnel-visioned to finish the semester with a strong academic effort. Academic excellence is never compromised for a ball game or track meet.

Already finished, the Wabash tennis team finished the NCAC tournament with a sixth-place finish last weekend. Tennis is very strong in our conference and the guys made a good showing. Coach Jason Hutchison and his netmen finished the season 16 and 13, playing some tough competition. It's a young squad and should be strong in 2014. Nice job guys.

The Little Giants baseball team will wrap it up in the next few days. A three-game series at Hiram over the weekend, followed by a single game at Rose-Hulman Tuesday, will bring the 2013 campaign to a close.

A scary moment happened in the final game at Ohio Wesleyan last Sunday. In the sixth inning, Wesleyan catcher Aaron Caputo laid down a sacrifice bunt. The throw to first baseman Andrew Rodgers was to the outside of the bag and pulled Andrew into the runner. He and Caputo had a nasty collision and Rodgers dropped immediately to the ground in intense pain with a gruesome dislocated left elbow. Caputo, instead of heading to second as the ball got away to the fence, stopped immediately to help his fallen opponent. An eerie silence fell over the field as play came to a halt, waiting for the emergency personnel.

Our trainer Mark Colston got to Andrew immediately to keep him down and quiet. He was already in shock so he didn't offer much resistance. His Mom and Dad, great supporters of the team, rushed to the field as well to comfort their son. As I stood watching my player in intense pain, tears welled up in my eyes. It hurt so much to see my player in such pain. Baseball is a family at Wabash. When one hurts, we all hurt.

To see the reaction of the Ohio Wesleyan coaches and players, especially Caputo, who was visibly shaken, made me realize that baseball in the NCAC is a family thing. I've known the coaches at OWU for years and they are all first class guys. Their concern for Andrew was heartfelt. When I arrived at my office Monday morning, I had already received a voice mail from Assistant Coach Fody Frentsos. He was checking on Andrew and said they had prayed for him after the game. I called and assured him that Rodgers would be OK after a few weeks in a sling (thankfully, no broken bones).

Even the OWU parents asked what they could do to help the Rodgers family while they were at the hospital. 

In a bad situation, Ohio Wesleyan and Wabash got it right. Nobody's gonna make the big leagues from the NCAC. It's about playing baseball for fun and enjoying the competition.

Finally, good luck to the Little Giant track and field team as they head to the conference tournament to extend their dominance and defend their title. Look for it to happen. Ohio Wesleyan will be there as the main competition, but the Wabash cindermen should repeat. 

I finally got around to mowing my yard this week too. It was almost a pleasure to do it. Almost.