First, I would like to give some attention to some of our coaches that reached milestones this past week. In football, coach Josh Thompson of North Montgomery and Mike Hammons of Crawfordsville both went home Friday night with their first wins as head varsity football coaches. Hopefully, they will reach many more milestones in their careers. I promise one win is not enough to keep either of them happy.

In volleyball, North Montgomery's Jodi Webster reached 200 wins as a varsity coach. Two-hundred wins is very impressive and I'm sure there are many more victories to come her way.

Then there is Kelly Johnson, who earned her 500th victory last week. How do you follow up 500 victories? Well, Crawfordsville keeps winning. They are off to a 5-0 start. I believe Johnson is now at 504 wins. She has always been quite humble about her milestones and attributes it all to having good players that work hard throughout her career. Sorry coach Johnson, I know by running a photo of you last week I broke your rule of no photos of you. It's all about the team. However, no matter how much you down play it, 500-plus wins is quite an accomplishment. I agree you have had some great girls on your teams since I have been covering Crawfordsville volleyball, but it takes a great coach to bring out that talent year after year. So Congrats Coach you deserve it!

Actually I got a kick out of how I found out Johnson reached her 500th win. Her son Trent tweeted..."Congrats to my mom for being a stud coach and getting her 500th win." You have to love when a son is proud of his mom. "Stud" may not be quite the right term but we can work on his vocabulary later.

Friday, since North was the only home football team, I got the rare chance to take my time and shoot as many photos as I wanted. The only problem was allergies were kicking my butt Friday and Saturday. While some schools have male cheerleaders do push up for every point scored, I think I was on the sideline sneezing for every point. Saturday I was still getting a butt kicking from allergies, so on my way to South I stopped and got some over the counter meds.

Apparently, I was moving kind of slow as I went to South's girls' soccer game. To prove coaches never take time off, Crawfordsville's assistant coach baseball coach Rhett Welliever let me know I was moving too slow Saturday and I needed to pick up the pace to get to all the sporting events. Of course he was joking with me. Sorry coach, I was moving slow no excuses, I'll do better. See athletes, that is the response to give coaches. They never want to hear excuses... Coach I did pick up the pace later in the day once the allergy meds starting working.

Looks like I better be on my game come Friday. All three schools will have home football games. I believe this is the first time in the 10 years I have worked at The Paper that it has worked out that all three schools were home. Challenge Accepted!

Since I have poked fun of selfies in the past, I can't help but point out this burning national issue that has been resolved this week in US Copyright courts. It's been a heated battle for months after a monkey took a selfie with someone's camera. The debate has seriously been who owns the copyright to the photo. Turns out no one! A copyright can only go to a human that does the work of art, is the final decision. I'm so glad the government has ample time to worry about such trivial things.

Actually, the monkey selfie is really good, but I still find it funny that it was actually debated. My guess is the monkey does not care either way. Just throw him a banana and call it a day. I actually have used the quote before after a bad day of shooting photos that a monkey could have done better. Now I know monkeys actually are pretty good at photography, at least at selfies.