I hope by writing this week's column I don't jinks myself.

While I do love my job there are many dangers that I have to watch out for each week. As I watch sporting events through my lens I have an extremely narrow view of what all is going on around me.

So yes I have been hit by a ball in every single sport. Baseballs really - hurt took a line drive to the hip once. Softballs are miss-named. They really are not soft. They hurt too.

Basketballs bouncing off your head gives one a massive headache and is rather embarrassing, especially in front of a large crowd. If it is going to happen either way, a volleyball would be my preference to get hit by. They sting a bit but it goes away pretty fast.

However it's football season and that is where photographers take the most risk. Early in my career I worked for a paper in Hendricks County. I decided to step up to a newer and better camera. So I was pretty pumped to get some great shots that night at a football game.

I was focused in on the action firing away when suddenly the action was way to close. I turned to run but there was a large wooded bench behind me. Next thing I know I was being tossed over the bench and tackled by several players.

The bench flipped over and as if the world had gone into slow motion. I could hear the crowd saying AHHHHH as I was flying through the air.

Those that know me know that I am too stubborn for my own good most of the time. So despite being in lots of pain I got up. Somehow I had protected my camera through the collision. So I guess I thought camera seems fine, I might as well suck it up and shoot more photos.

I was on Plainfield's sidelines at the time and they were getting pounded that night. The coach threw is clip board down and said even our photographer is tougher than you guys.

Oh, turned out that I slightly fractured my leg that night. So maybe it was not toughness as much as being young and dumb.

A couple years ago I got tackled again on North's sidelines. This time is was away from the play which I was focusing on. An opponent of North took a cheap shot on a player out of bounds away from the ball, and I got hit in the process. I really did not think I got hit that hard...Well until the next morning then I hurt all over. Once again I saved the camera though.

Bones heal but camera equipment is expensive.

So I guess while I'm on the sidelines I would appreciate some of you big football players to block for me or pull me out of the way. Please!!!!!

• • • • • • • • •

Totally off the subject but as North Tennis mom, just wanted to give a shout out to the tennis team for winning the North Invite Saturday. Nice job and great efforts in all three matches.