The Paper file photo by Lori PoteetDani Perry hits in a game last season. The Mounties downfall was triggered by one bad defensive inning on Saturday.
The Paper file photo by Lori Poteet

Dani Perry hits in a game last season. The Mounties downfall was triggered by one bad defensive inning on Saturday.
TERRE HAUTE - Spring sports finally made it outdoors this weekend as regular season varsity action kicked off with Southmont traveling to Terre Haute South for a softball game. A close game was shifted with a defensive collapse that gave the Braves an 11-1 victory over the Mounties in six innings.

"We had one bad inning with two or three defense miscues that all happened with two outs," explained Southmont head coach Curt Brown. "McKenzi (Jordan) threw a good game. Only a couple of the runs out of the 11 were earned runs."

Prior to the season, Brown explained that pitching and defense would be the team's bread and butter for success this season. That held true for all but roughly ten minutes of Saturday's contest. A disputed appeal on a check swing triggered the Brave's run. According to Brown, it could have been stopped with a better defensive effort by his team.

"It was a bad inning defensively," he said. "If we make a play and get out of that it's a different game. Then it's only a two or three run swing. We just need to shore some things up defensively."

Brown said that he did not necessarily anticipate wholesale changes to the defensive set up because of the collapse, but that he would work with his staff and evaluate the options to see if changes were to be made.

"I was not happy with what I saw, but it was our first game," commented Brown. "We will take a look at our defense and improve some things."

Last season's opener with Terre Haute South ended in similar fashion for the Mounties. One bad inning triggered a downfall that led to the loss. In the overall frame of the season, Brown thinks that it is good to see high level competition this early in the season and that it will help his team to get better as the season progresses.

"(Terre Haute South) has a really strong program," complimented Brown. "I'm glad that we have the opportunity to play them."

The Mounties' next contest is scheduled for tonight at Attica. Weather permitting, first pitch will be thrown at 5 p.m.