With the second and third rounds completely over, the entries in The Paper's Bracket Challenge have taken a beating, but a winner will still be crowned

In the lead is John Oilar of Crawfordsville with 180 points. Oilar successfully picked 26 of the 32 second round games and has 10 of the Sweet Sixteen chosen correctly. Oilar has five of his Elite Eight teams left and two Final Four teams (Florida and Arizona) remaining.

Glen E. Evans of Crawfordsville also has 10 teams picked correctly in the Sweet 16 after successfully predicting 24 winners in the second round for a total of 170 points. Evans has four Elite Eight and three Final Four (Florida, Arizona and Virginia) teams remaining.

Kevin Kirsch of Crawfordsville has 155 points, followed by Bill Sheldon of Crawfordsville with 150 points.

Correctly picked second and third round selections were worth five points each. Each correct selection in the remaining rounds is worth 10 points each.

The winner of the challenge wins a 1-year subscription to The Paper. The second place prize is $50.