NEW MARKET - The North Montgomery Chargers, the Southmont Mounties, and the Crawfordsville Athenians competed against each other tonight in a gymnastics meet.

The Chargers took home the county title achieving a team score of 90.775, Southmont came in second with a 83.075, and Crawfordsville came in last with a 24.225, not fielding a team.

Rhianna Harpel from North Montgomery placed first in two events, bars and beam and won the all-around title. Ashlynn Bennett from North Montgomery placed first in vault and Macy Zachary of Southmont placed first in floor. Alyssa Yund, Crawfordsville's only gymnast, placed 4th in bars.

The County gymnastics teams will conclude their regular seasons with a 10-team invitational at Southmont this Saturday and hit the sectional on March 7.

North Montgomery 90.775, Southmont 83.075, Crawfordsville 24.225

Vault: Ashlynn Bennett (N) 8.3, Macy Zachary (S) 8.0, Rhiannon Harpel (N) 8.05, Maddie Mills (S) 8.0

Bars: Rhiannon Harpel (N) 7.825, Ashlynn Bennett (N) 7.725, Sydney Gregg (N) 6.975, Alyssa Yund (C)

Beam: Rhianna Harpel (N) 8.15, Ashlynn Bennett (N) 7.45, Jetta Maritn (N) 6.85, Maddie Mills (S) 6.8

Floor: Macy Zachary (S) 8.6, Ashlynn Bennett (N) 7.825, Rhiannon Harpel (N) 7.625, Destiny West (S) 7.3

All Around: Rhiannon Harpel (N), Ashlynn Bennett (N), Macy Zachary (S), Maddie Mills (S)