Debbie Horney was a cheerleader throughout her high school years. She fondly remembers the last Montgomery County tourney and her senior year. She relates this in Coach Tom Speaker’s book. She writes:
“All my memories of the ’71 Bulldogs are good ones. It was just a good time to be a kid. Since there wasn’t as many different sports offered back then, the County schools really took their basketball seriously. The parents and entire communities were so supportive. I am afraid that people underestimate how important that support really is. For instance, during the ’71 season, I remember several times when the parents of some of the players invited the entire team and cheerleaders into their homes after a game. We always had something wonderful to eat; sometimes we would celebrate a birthday or just talk about the game. It was always a good time and I think the parents enjoyed it as much as the kids. We all know that true competitors want to go out “on top.” That just made winning the last County Tourney even sweeter. It just doesn’t get any better than this.”