Southmont's defenders routinely found themselves watching from behind, in the first half, as the Cascade forwards raced toward a nearly defenseless Mounties' goalkeeper Ryan Stanley.

The result was an early three-goal lead, and the Mounties never recovered, losing to the Cadets, 6-1.

The Mounties (2-8) had trouble staying up with the attacking Cadets (5-4-2) when the ball strayed into the offensive center of the field. Forwards Jordan Van Winkle and Zach Deurloo each had two goals on the evening.

“That's the style that we play. It is an aggressive style. I call it 'Bomb and Run'.” Cascade's first year coach, Chris Shearier said. “We are coming at you from the middle. I don't particularly like the style. I'd prefer to come from the outsides. But Chase (Spencer) handles the ball so well in the middle, and Zach is so fast, if we time it right, we can put a lot of pressure on the keeper.”

Whether Shearier liked the game plan, he saw it work. His players were on the attack most of the match. The pressure kept the Mounties on their heels, making Southmont seem substantial by comparison.

“It was a lot of their attack. They have fast forwards that knew what they were doing.” Mounties head coach Brandon Rash said. “I think our guys are relying too much on that offsides call coming, and when it doesn't, they are in (trouble, defensively).”

Southmont's lone goal came at 11:34 of the first half when the Mounties Cole Wemer dribbled the ball down the left side, only to lose the contested ball to the Cadets Ben Shepard, recover, and then skip a drive under goal keeper Tyler Fox.

In the end, it was the speed of Cascade on the wings, and their speed on defense, characterized by the  Mounties' inability to mount responding attacks of their own. It was a style that seemed unexpected to the Mounties.

“They don't pressure the ball near as much as every other team we play.” Rash said. “I think we just relaxed a little bit, and that allowed space in the middle.”