The Southmont Mounties boys' swimming team fell short against the McCutcheon Mavericks in tonight's meet.

Despite Southmont's first place victories in 4 out of 11 events, they lost 105-65.

Southmont won in the 200 medley relay at 1:57.81 with swimmers Steven Cloncs, Keifer Lowe, Owen Zimmerman, and Wyatt Waddell. Lowe also won in the 50 free at 25:17. Zimmerman placed first at 1:03.06 won in the 100 fly. Cloncs brought home the gold again in the 100 back at 1:08.10.

Come cheer on the Mounties as they compete Feb. 19 for a spot in the sectional meet Feb. 21.

Southmont 65, McCutcheon 105

200 MEDLEY RELAY: Southmont (Steven Cloncs, Keifer Lowe, Owen Zimmermon, Wyatt Waddell) 1:57.81, McCutcheon (Nicholas Smith, Konnor Breitlander, Dylan Drinkut, Lenny Halascsak) 2:05.74, McCutcheon (Mason Neal, Zach Santy, Logan Burke, Guillermo Hernandez) 2:08.57

200 FREE: Konnor Breitlander (M) 2:10.32, Dylan Drinkut (M) 2:13.31, Wyatt Waddell (S) 2:13.61

200 IM: Aaron Huycke (M) 2:17.96, Owen Zimmermon (S) 2:18.89, Garrett D Slickers (M) 2:33.82

50 FREE: Keifer Lowe (S) 25.17, Lenny Halascsak (M) 27.26, Wade Knecht (M) 28.73

100 FLY: Owen Zimmermon (S) 1:03.06, Dylan Drinkut (M) 1:05.93, Jackson Essex (S) 1:13.27

100 FREE: Aaron Huycke (M) 53.04, Nick McManus (S) 57.96, Rian Egan (M) 59.79

500 FREE: Konnor Breitlander (M) 5:44.21, Wyatt Waddell (S) 6:07.63, Brooks Long (S) 6:39.58

200 FREE RELAY: McCutcheon (Dylan Drinkut, Oscar Varela Del Valle, Rian Egan, Aaron Huycke) 1:42.36, Southmont (Steven Cloncs, Wyatt Waddell, Owen Zimmermon, Keifer Lowe) 1:42.20,

McCutcheon (Zachary Kannall, Garrett D Slickers, Wade Knecht, Lenny Halascsak) 1:53.91

100 BACK: Steven Cloncs (S) 1:08.10, Nicholas C Smith (M) 1:11.21, Mason Neal (M) 1:15.76

100 BREAST: Oscar Varela Del Valle (M) 1:15.45, Keifer Lowe (S) 1:17.20, Rian Egan (M) 1:19.82

400 FREE RELAY: McCutcheon (Konnor Breitlander, Garrett D Slickers, Conner Bolduc, Wade Knecht) 4:09.20, McCutcheon (Zachary Kannall, Rian Egan, Oscar Varela Del Valle, Aaron Huycke) 4:13.07, Southmont (Benjamin Mooday, Joseph Weaver, Jackson Essex, Austin Manion) 4:19.21