Hello Sports Fans.
OK, it’s almost time to head indoors to the gyms and wrap up another Montgomery County and Sagamore Athletic Conference football season. The boys in Blue and Gold and Red and Gray took it on the chin last week. That only leaves the Orange and Blue left and they face a 7-3 Blackford squad that finished third in the tough Central Indiana Conference. But before we get into that (and a surprise), let’s recap ol’ Bubble’s year.
After dusting myself off and unbending the joints – you’d be surprised at how rusty a Caldron can get in the closet – I got off to a predictably (see what I did there) slow start.
How slow? Well, I only got two out of eight games right the first week and only four out of eight the next. If we can leave those two out, then I finished 26-6 for the season. So, not bragging or anything, but t’aint shabby!
OK, let’s get to our Chargers and then toss in an extra game or three just for kicks!
North Montgomery at Blackford
To echo the sentiment from one of my favorite writers, Mr. John Marlowe, what the hell was the Indiana High School Athletic Association thinking when they drew up these sectionals? The Chargers have to drive all the way across the state to Hartford City – it’s two hours people – and play a team they have very little in common with. Out of 62 3A schools, the big shots in Indianapolis couldn’t have figured out sectionals with a little less travel?
Enough belly-aching, let’s get to the game.
According to that great computer genius Jeff Sagarin, the Blackford Bruins are ranked 22nd in Class 3A while the Chargin’ Chargers are ranked 35th.
We know that Blackford won seven and only lost three while North finished 4-6 – and at one point in the season was 1-4.
In addition, the Big Bad Bruins are almost doubling up the score on their opponents 33-17 while our Chargers only score about 25 while giving up about 24.
Not even close, right?
Let’s start with a very deceiving 7-3 Blackford record. The Teddy Bears played exactly two teams that ended up with winning records. They lost to those two by a combined 49-0 score. The other loss was a 22-21 nail-biter against a team that finished 4-6.
The Chargers, on the other hand, only met four teams with losing records and finished 4-1 against those.
This one boils down to a couple of things: Will the Chargers let the record play with their heads and can they get over spending a couple of hours on a bus? The prediction here is that they live to fight another week and play for a sectional championship next weekend, something they haven’t won in 10 years.
Take the North and some coffee for the drive. Chargers 36, Blackford 32.
Rest of the Sectional 26
Two recruiting schools, Brebeuf and Guerin tangle for the second time this season. Brebeuf won pretty easily the first weekend this month, 41-10. I think it’s closer this time, but I’m still going with the Braves. They looked awful good against the Mounties last week. BHS wins, 35-28.
And what the heck, let’s let you know that the Little Giants are in for a struggle at Wittenberg. The Tigers win 31-21. And Lord help our Colts, because they’ll need it in a 35-21 victory.
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