The month of November will begin a campaign of kindness at the Crawfordsville School of Karate. All month long the classes will be discussing topics such as how to show kindness at school, how to be kinder at work, and what we all can do to make our world a kinder place in which to live.
In Plainfield a small group of elementary students started a program called “Just Be Kind.” “Our instructors and program director heard about the program and decided we should institute something like this in our school,” said Tom Ward, chief instructor at the karate school. “Most people think of martial arts as inherently violent, but those of us who practice martial arts daily know that it’s not violent at all. It eliminates the need for violence when you no longer need violence to control a conflict,” said Ward.
The month-long campaign will culminate in a “Kindness Training” class on November 29th. “All our students can invite their friends and classmates to the free class for anyone in the public. In the class we’ll practice and learn how kindness trumps violence when dealing with people all over the world.” If you would like more information about this topic or the school please call or text 765-361-8838.