The Southmont varsity wrestling team hosted Fountain Central Tuesday night and beat the Mustangs 78-0. South’s record is now 19-3 and they travel to North Montgomery on Saturday for the Sagamore Conference Tournament.
Individual Results
106 Clayton Downey (S) won by pin in 1:02 over Olivar (FC).
113 James Crosby (S) won by pin in 5:19 over Swenson (FC).
120 Noah Benge (S) won by decision 9-7 over Bible (FC).
126 Takeshi Greiner (S) won by pin in 4:20 over Matthews (FC).
132 Dillan Lauy (S) won by pin in 1:43 over Pickett (FC).
138 Dimitrie Lauy (S) won by pin in :28 over Reinken (FC).
145 Jayden Williams (S) won by pin in 2:51 over Frazee (FC).
152 Michael Worth (S) won by decision 9-8 over Graff (FC).
160 Logan Benge (S) won by pin in 1:36 over Riley (FC).
170 Ty Welliever (S) won by pin in 2:24 over Stewart (FC).
182 Riley Woodall (S) won by pin in 4:46 over Alexander (FC).
195 Jud VanCleave (S) won by forfeit.
220 Matt Cloud (S) won by pin in 2:59 over Mortimore (FC).
Hwt Zion Essex (S) won by forfeit.

The Southmont Jr. Varsity team beat the Mustangs 54-0.
120 Gerald Hutson (S) won by forfeit.
126 Christian Worth (S) won by forfeit.
138 Dominyc Emerson (S) won by pin in :34 over Joey Sims (FC).
160 Dylan Conkright (S) won by forfeit.
170 Collin Martin (S) won by forfeit.
182 Xavier Essex (S) won by forfeit.
195 Evan Francis (S) won by forfeit.
220 Zayden Dunn (S) won by forfeit.
Hwt. Bayley Baumer (S) won by forfeit.

North swimmers defeated
North Montgomery fell in boys and girls swimming to South Putnam. The girls lost 95-85 and the boys lost 117-50.
A bright spot on the night was a double-winner in Sydney Campbell. She was first in the 200 IM and the 500 free. The Chargers also got a win from Christopher Schaub in the 50 free and another from Brynn Anderson in the girls’ 100 fly.
Girls South Putnam 95, NMHS 85
Boys South Putnam 117 NMHS 50
Female Open 200 Medley
1, A 'NMONT' (Brynn Anderson, Caitlin Fedor, Sidney Campbell, Jessica Dittmer), 2:09.50. 4, B 'NMONT' (Jaida Clark, Rachel Fedor, Ida Rastrelli, Karli Fidler), 2:22.60. 6, C 'NMONT' (Kaylynn Hicks, Brianna Coffing, Kaycee Cummings, Lydia LaChance), 2:51.00.
Male Open 200 Medley
2, A 'NMONT' (Caleb Cochran, Dawson Odle, Monte Bushman, Stevie Gunderman), 2:12.90.
Female Open 200 Free
2, Maggie Michael, NMONT, 2:17.40Y. 4, Gracen Schwabe, NMONT, 2:52.20Y. 6, Chloe Ervin, NMONT, 3:08.20Y.
Male Open 200 Free
3, Wyatt Eldridge, NMONT, 2:24.30Y.
Female Open 200 IM
1, Sidney Campbell, NMONT, 2:28.70Y. 5, Lacey Clore, NMONT, 3:33.90Y. 6, Kaylynn Hicks, NMONT, 3:45.90Y.
Male Open 200 IM
2, Monte Bushman, NMONT, 2:37.30Y.
Female Open 50 Free
2, Kelsey Anderson, NMONT, 28.30Y. 3, Caitlin Fedor, NMONT, 30.00Y. 5, Ellie
Chastain, NMONT, 32.20Y.
Male Open 50 Free
1, Christopher Schaub, NMONT, 25.50Y. 4, Caleb Cochran, NMONT, 30.20Y.
Female Open 1 Meter 6 Dives
2, Karli Fidler, NMONT, 118.25.
Male Open 1 Meter 6 Dives
2, Stevie Gunderman, NMONT, 154.40.
Female Open 100 Fly
1, Brynn Anderson, NMONT, 1:14.58Y. 4, Rachel Fedor, NMONT, 1:28.60Y. 5, Brianna Coffing, NMONT, 1:33.38Y.
Male Open 100 Fly
2, Dawson Odle, NMONT, 1:12.76Y.
Female Open 100 Free
3, Kelsey Anderson, NMONT, 1:05.28Y. 5, Allison Guard, NMONT, 1:19.42Y. 6, Carlie DeSmet, NMONT, 1:19.64Y.
Male Open 100 Free
2, Monte Bushman, NMONT, 58.57Y. 4, Wyatt Eldridge, NMONT, 1:04.22Y.
Female Open 500 Free
1, Sidney Campbell, NMONT, 5:58.37Y. 4, Ida Rastrelli, NMONT, 7:12.38Y. 6, Jessica Dittmer, NMONT, 7:13.50Y.
Female Open 200 Free
1, A 'NMONT' (Brynn Anderson, Jessica Dittmer, Kelsey Anderson, Maggie Michael), 1:56.14. 2, B 'NMONT' (Caitlin Fedor, Gracen Schwabe, Jaida Clark, Karli Fidler), 2:02.23. 5, C 'NMONT' (Chloe Ervin, Makenna Bane, Lacey Clore, Claire Bonwell), 2:28.54.
Male Open 200 Free
2, A 'NMONT' (Wyatt Eldridge, Caleb Cochran, Stevie Gunderman, Christopher Schaub), 1:50.29.
Female Open 100 Back
3, Jaida Clark, NMONT, 1:18.83Y. 5, Claire Bonwell, NMONT, 1:28.63Y. 6, Lydia LaChance, NMONT, 1:38.90Y.
Male Open 100 Back
2, Christopher Schaub, NMONT, 1:09.62Y. 3, Dawson Odle, NMONT, 1:12.33Y.
Female Open 100 Breast
2, Brynn Anderson, NMONT, 1:21.64Y. 5, Kaycee Cummings, NMONT, 1:40.66Y. 0, Makenna Bane, NMONT, NS.
Male Open 100 Breast
4, Caleb Cochran, NMONT, 1:56.08Y.
Female Open 400 Free
1, A 'NMONT' (Maggie Michael, Rachel Fedor, Kelsey Anderson, Sidney Campbell), 4:19.54. 3, B 'NMONT' (Brianna Coffing, Ida Rastrelli, Kaycee Cummings, Claire Bonwell), 4:57.92. 5, C 'NMONT' (Gracen Schwabe, Carlie DeSmet, Allison Guard, Ellie Chastain), 5:16.58.
Male Open 400 Free
2, A 'NMONT' (Monte Bushman, Dawson Odle, Wyatt Eldridge, Christopher Schaub), 4:14.93.