Sophomore Olivia Scott will have the opportunity this summer to represent North Montgomery as a member of “America’s team”. Scott has been invited to be part of the team that will travel to the Dominican Republic this summer to do mission work and play in six different softball games.

“We’re really proud of her,” said Mom Valerie Scott. “She will get the opportunity to see a whole new world and get to experience things that she doesn’t get to experience here in the United States. And having that USA logo across her chest, while wearing the red, white, and blue means a lot to us, and I know it will mean a lot to her.”

The team will spend a week in the country and the trip will include a snorkeling excursion, visiting different waterfalls, getting to play against, and mix and mingle with other international teams.

Some of the mission work that Scott and the team will be doing will include “a day in the life”. This will see Scott and some of the other players see what a typical day in the life of a Dominican worker is like. The mission work will include going to a local landfill and working alongside an employee at the landfill sorting it for recyclable materials.

Mike Andrew who is the head coach at Saint Mary’s of the Woods College will be coaching this team and is the head of the selection process. Andrews talks what the program looks for when selecting their players.

“I’ve headed this program for the past eight years,” said Andrew. “We just look for players who are great people, come from great families, and want to make a difference. My own daughter has traveled with the team these past few years and, I can’t tell the impact it’s had on her.”

Specifically when talking about Scott, Andrews praised the sophomore on and off the field.

“I’m really looking forward to getting to know her better,” he said. “She gets along really well with her teammates, she does everything right on and off the field. This program will allow her to build not only her softball career, but it will allow her to grow as a person”

Scott and the rest of the team will leave for the Dominican Republic on July 29 and return to the country on August 5.

As part of the trip Scott is required to pay for some of travel expenses. Cash or check donations can be mailed to Scott at 8834 E. State Rd 32, Crawfordsville.