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Ron Butcher has been in the pro wrestling business since 2002.
Photo provided Ron Butcher has been in the pro wrestling business since 2002.
Last month, New Generation Wrestling took their long-running series to the debut show at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. A large crowd witnessed Gideon win the company’s top prize in the main event. And, has become custom, as the main card began, the voice of NGW was brought out to applause.
Ron Butcher’s day job is as a reconditioning specialist at Bob Rohrman Auto Group but he’s also been in the pro wrestling business since 2002. He’s married (to NGW sound person Tina Butcher) and has five kids and 10 grandkids. Family is important to Ron; he ranks his favorite wrestling memory as when he was able to work a show with Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant, who was his dad’s favorite wrestler.
Previously, he ran sound for Central Wrestling Alliance and BMF Wrestling Alliance. He began running sound for NGW 10 years ago. One night, the ring announcer didn’t show up, and the rest is history. When asked how many wrestling events he’s been a part of, Ron responds with ‘too many to count I guess’.
New Generation Wrestling runs with regularity in Crawfordsville and often in other cities as well. They recently debuted in Danville, Ind. and have a show scheduled for Monon in April. Their next Crawfordsville event is Saturday at Montgomery County Fairgrounds, with doors opening at 530 p.m. and pre-show kickoff at 6:15 p.m. The main card begins at 6:30, which means at about 6:32 p.m. Butcher will be holding the microphone. Tickets for the show are available night of the show for $10. Kids under 5 are free. Event content is all-ages and family friendly.