Tonight for a Sagamore Conference match-up the Tri-West and Lebanon swim teams battled it out in the swimming pool and both teams walked away with a victory.

The Tri-West boys defeated the Lebanon boys 113-68, and the Lebanon girls conquered the Tri-West girls 111-71.

"It's always hard to go off a conference meet into dual meets. I can't expect the kids to have the same times they did at the conference," says Lebanon's Head Coach Wade Thatcher.

Lebanon's Courtney Reynolds made a new personal best in 200 yard freestyle at 2:21.15 for second place. Lebanon's Gabi Reese also scored a new personal best in the 500 yard freestyle with a time of 5:57.52. Reese won first place in the event.

The Lebanon girls were not the only one breaking their own records. Nathan Wire, Luke Betts, and Aaron Fischer each made a new personal best in the 200 yard freestyle event. Betts placed 3rd with 2:12.86, Wire came in 5th with 2:26.42, and Fischer placed 6th with 2:36.69.

"Coming out of the meet, I thought we swam pretty well after a big meet. Our personal times were not the best, but really close. I was happy with our performance," says Thatcher.

Wish the swim teams luck as Tri-West travels to Indianapolis Broad Ripple, and the Lebanon swim team as they welcome North Montgomery Jan. 22.

Lebanon Girls 111, Tri-West Girls 71

Lebanon Boys 68, Tri-West Boys 113

GIRLS 200 MEDLEY RELAY: Lebanon (Makayla Copeland, Makenzy Tibbot, Gabi Reese, Courtney Reynolds) 2:08.89, Lebanon (Noelle Parks, Angie Zheng, Jen Shultz, Cassandra Coronado) 2:20.88, Tri-West (Erin Cox, Bailey West, Klaudia J. Cox, Katie Chappell) 2:21.38

BOYS 200 MEDLEY RELAY: Tri-West (Seth Russell, Reggie Asplet, Justin Lindley, Eli Schabel) 2:00.71, Lebanon (Russell Stump, Luke Betts, Carter Dial, Aaron Fischer) 2:00.84, Lebanon (Jacob Herrmann, Connor Belcher, Nick Wright, Tommy Veerkamp) 2:37.03

GIRLS 200 FREE: Madison Jones (T) 2:00.43, Courtney Reynolds (L) 2:21.15, Jordyn Daisley (L) 2:21.96

BOYS 200 FREE: Conner Sheets (T) 2:04.23, Justin Lindley (T) 2:11.44, Luke Betts (L) 2:12.86

GIRLS 200 IM: Makenzy Tibbot (L) 2:36.36, Abby Princell (L) 2:43.46, Angie Zheng (L) 2:46.77

BOYS 200 IM: Jake Corbett (T) 2:11.69, Carter Dial (L) 2:20.28, Eli Schabel (T) 2:37.22

GIRLS 50 FREE: Gabi Reese (L) 28.03, Kristen McGuinness (T) 29.28, Bailey West (T) 30.12

BOYS 50 FREE: Chris Chiodo (T) 25.53, Thomas Tintera (T) 26.46, Jacob South (T) 29.27

GIRLS DIVING: Maci French (L) 196.75, Madison Warden (T) 191.90, Makayla Lee (L) 185.20

BOYS DIVING: Tommy Veerkamp (L) 168.10, Corey Edwards (L) 165.05, Jared Haydon (T) 132.15

GIRLS 100 FLY: Madison Jones (T) 1:01.84, Makayla Copeland (L) 1:12.82, Jen Shultz (L) 1:20.08

BOYS 100 FLY: Jake Corbett (T) 58.14, Carter Dial (L) 1:01.08, Justin Lindley (T) 1:06.26

GIRLS 100 FREE: Ashley Fair (T) 1:01.19, Courtney Reynolds (L) 1:04.49, Angie Zheng (L) 1:06.30

BOYS 100 FREE: Brett Lucas (T) 54.87, Russell Stump (L) 58.31, Eli Schabel (T) 1:00.12

GIRLS 500 FREE: Gabi Reese (L) 5:57.52, Noelle Parks (L) 6:05.98, Jordyn Daisley (L) 6:16.08

BOYS 500 FREE: Conner Sheets (T) 5:36.99, John Plunkett (L) 6:03.61, Thomas Engles (L) 6:16.07

GIRLS 200 FREE MEDLEY: Tri-West (Madison Jones, Kristen McGuinness, Kaelynn Bechinski, Ashley Fair) 1:55.45, Lebanon (Abby Princell, Makayla Copeland, Nikki Bartless, Angie Zheng) 2:00.46, Lebanon (Makayla Lee, Olivia Haltom, Brianna Morgan, Charli Greene) 2:08.20

BOYS 200 FREE MEDLEY: Tri-West (Brett Lucas, Thomas Tintera, Jake Corbett, Conner Sheets) 1:40.79, Lebanon (Luke Betts, Thomas Engels, John Plunkett, Russell Stump) 1:51.18, Tri-West (Chris Chiodo, Reggie Asplet, Jared Haydon, Cooper Lahnen) 1:53.30

GIRLS 100 BACK: Erin Cox (T) 1:11.70, Makayla Copeland (L) 1:11.83, Noelle Parks (L) 1:15.17

BOYS 100 BACK: Russell Stump (L) 1:08.86, Seth Russell (T) 1:18.52, Jacob South (T) 1:29.88

GIRLS 100 BREAST: Makenzy Tibbot (L) 1:17.56, Abby Princell (L) 1:24.91, Ashley Fair (T) 1:26.29

BOYS 100 BREAST: Brett Lucas (T) 1:12.35, Reggie Asplet (T) 1:13.92, Luke Betts (L) 1:21.53

GIRLS 400 FREE RELAY: Tri-West (Kristen McGuinness, Kaelynn Bechinski, Ashley Fair, Madison Jones) 4:13.10, Lebanon (Gabi Reese, Courtney Reynolds, Noelle Parks, Makenzy Tibbot) 4:14.48, Lebanon (Nikki Bartlett, Abby Princell, Cassandra Coronado, Jordyn Daisley) 4:32.84

BOYS 400 FREE RELAY: Tri-West (Eli Schabel, Brett Lucas, Conner Sheets, Jake Corbett) 3:48.58, Lebanon (John Plunkett, Thomas Engels, Aaron Fischer, Carter Dial) 4:06.47, Tri-West (Justin Lindley, Seth Russell, Cooper Lahnen, Chris Chiodo) 4:09.14