Photos by Neil BurkTop: Michael Minks heads one toward the goal for Crawfordsville. Bottom: South senior Lucas Turner is blocked.
Photos by Neil Burk

Top: Michael Minks heads one toward the goal for Crawfordsville. Bottom: South senior Lucas Turner is blocked.
Eighty minutes couldn't decide it. But 83 was more than enough.

The Crawfordsville boys' soccer team advance to the sectional 48 championship with a 2-0 win over North Montgomery in overtime Wednesday.

Both teams had plenty of chances throughout regulation, but neither could find the back of the net. Regulation ended 0-0.

"We started well first half. We started well second half. We were maintaining and possessing, but we sort of digressed. North continued to gain confidence each half," Crawfordsville head coach Dan Durrwachter said. "We've been talking less touches because the more it sticks to your foot, the harder it is to create anything."

The Athenians were allowed a free kick after a relatively soft foul just over two minutes into the first of two seven-minute overtime periods. Michael Minks let it fly and Kalidou Diaw headed it in with 5:21 left to give Crawfordsville the lead.

"That goal sort of took the wind out of our sails after that," Charger head coach Mike Margeson said. "We were pressing in the second overtime period to try and get one and they got another one."

"We preached urgency at the half and at the end of the second half. But it seemed like when we were more urgent there was less soccer and it's more just kicking it," Durrwachter said. "(The message before overtime) was more to calm down and be more intentional and patient with the ball on your foot."

They added another when Felipe Wilson found Diaw who bumped it to Willy Cifuentes for the score with 4:39 left in the second overtime period.

"I couldn't have asked the guys to play any better," Margeson said.

The Athenians (6-10) will play in the championship Saturday against Western Boone. The Stars were the first game of the year for Crawfordsville. Crawfordsville won that game 2-0.

"Both sides are going to be missing a few seniors for SATS Saturday. Everything is completely different from when we played them," Durrwachter said. "(Michael) Noonan is the guy we have to key on. We have to make sure we contain Noonan and (Daniel Collins and Brayton Dewees)."

Crawfordsville 2, North Montgomery 0 (OT)

Goals: Kalidou Diaw, Willy Cifuentes

Assists: Michael Minks, Diaw