Hello Sports Fans.

Ho-hum, another awesome week for Ol' Bubbles. Of course that's what you've come to expect. Only one game prevented me from being perfect two weeks in a row, and shucks, I didn't mind missing that one. I predicted the Boys of Athens would topple the Mounties and the gang from the South rose to the challenge. Good for them. Had the Mounties fallen it could've been the beginning of a long slide. Tough loss for the Blue and Gold though. We'll get to see how well they can or can't rebound this week.

For the season, I'm cruising at 22-6. I know. It doesn't get much better than that.

C'ville at North

Lots of weird numbers floating about. First off, if C'ville wins, the county title goes . . . nowhere. No one team would have a clear claim. North beat South, South beat CHS and now CHS and North play. If North wins, the Chargers are County Champs again. If CHS wins, everyone is 1-1.

Another weird number is that after five games the Chargers have scored exactly 128 points and given up exactly 128 points. That's not something you see every day.

But as the Shill on TV says, but wait, that's not all! North's opponents have a 12-13 record . . . exactly the same as the 12-13 record CHS' foes have as well.

Eerie, huh!

And while we're on numbers, yours truly is perfect on picking the Chargers so far this year. Nailed every game on the nosey. (Hint: That could be bad news for the Athenians.) Here's the thing. North is 3-2 and C'ville 2-3. So it all looks pretty close to even, right?

Think again, Buffalo breath!

While Coach Hammons has some good things happening at CHS, I don't think the Athenians are ready to stop the Chargers. Prove me wrong if you can, but I'm picking the Orange and Blue over the Gold and Blue, 31-21.

Western Boone at South

The undefeated Stars are cruising along with a fancy No. 10 state ranking and a 5-0 record overall (3-0 in the Sagamore Athletic Conference).


Our boys from South, on the other hand, are 1-2 in the SAC and their title hopes are pretty dim. If they are going to remain in the hunt, tonight is an absolute must win.

It's a tall task.

The Stars are shining brightly with a team that could go far this season. So far, the WB is averaging 35 points a game and giving up about eight. Wow.

There is one common opponent linking the two squads so far, C'ville. Last week the Mounties squeaked by CHS, 27-26. Two weeks ago, the WB demolished CHS 187-1. OK, it wasn't that bad. Maybe it was 63-7? Whatever it was, it wasn't close.

Maybe the Mounties are up to proving me wrong two weeks in a row? Maybe the South is going to rise again? Maybe the Red and Gray will stay alive in the SAC?

Maybe not.

My heart is pulling for South but my head is picking Webo, 35-18.

That leaves us with two other SAC games, Dannyville at Lebtucky and Tri-West at Frankfort.

In the first contest, both DeVille and the Tiggers struggle to score. Thing is, DeVille can't stop anyone else from scoring either while Leb-a-Non has a decent defense. That'll be the difference as LHS wins, 17-3. State-ranked Tri-West at Frankfort? Seriously? You really need me to pick this one? OK, Tri doesn't have to try very hard. Let's say they call off the dogs at 56-7.