Hello Sports Fans.

How do I say this without sounding too brash - aw the heck with it - I am absolutely on fire, Baby! With a capital F and that rhymes with . . . well, something. But whatever it is, it's hot, smokin' hot. Do you realize that in the last four weeks the most I've missed in any one week was one game? One! A couple of weeks ago I was again perfect, as in perfecto!

Take me to Vegas, Baby! I'm money. But I digress. While we're speaking of Vegas, this week is a real crap shoot and just for the record, I'm not putting down big bets on any game this week. Everything is close - and home field matters. A bunch.

Lebanon at North

The county champs face a tough Sagamore Athletic Conference contest with the hated Tiggers. Here's the scoop. Western Boone and Tri-West will fight it out for the top spot in the league tonight. The loser of that game has one loss, the same as what North has right now. The Chargin' Chargers are 3-1 in the SAC and will be 4-1 if they beat the Tiggers - the same record as the WB-TW loser. And if WB wins, North can control its own fate since they play the Stars next week.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

Lebanon and North always have a dogfight. It's usually a mistake here or there that ends up being the difference. I think the same is true for tonight, and since the game is at North that gives the Orange and Blue the upper hand. Go with the good guys, 14-10.

Frankfort at Crawfordsville

After starting the season 2-0 it's been a tough path for our boys of Athens. Four straight losses, all in the SAC, have left the Blue and Gold bloody, bruised and battered - but not beaten. Thing is, our boys are just in need of a good meal, a fun game and a win. Sounds like it's time for some Hot Dogs!

While Frankfort started the year 1-0, the Doggies have fallen five straight times. The last two weeks, FHS has been outscored 90-7!

Beware though, CHS! You have the chance to turn some things around, but not if you don't play up to your potential. A let down will open the door for a tough season to turn ugly. Be diligent and be tough and you walk away with a home field 21-18 victory.

South at Danville

Speaking of tough stretches, our Mounties played Western Boone last week and Tri-West next week. In between is 2-4 Danville and a potential break between the two SAC juggernauts.

The Royal Mounties are in dire need of another win. A loss tonight leaves South with a 2-5 record, a tough contest next week and the very likely prospect of three losses in a row before playing Frankfort to wrap up the regular season. A win tonight though could change everything and give South a realistic shot at winning two of the last three while heading to post-season with momentum.

Remember I said that home fields really do matter this week? Unfortunately for our Mounties, the game is at Danville and the Warriors looked a lot better last week while hanging 31 points on Lebtucky, a team that shut South out just a few weeks ago. I hate it, but I'm picking the junior Dannies, 21-14.

And that gets us to the SAC showdown with No. 8 Western Boone at No. 5 Tri-West. It's all about the home field, Baby! Take the Bruins, 28-21.