Photo by Lori PoteetBrook Karle had six digs and four aces for North Montgomery Thursday night.
Photo by Lori Poteet

Brook Karle had six digs and four aces for North Montgomery Thursday night.
LINDEN-A volleyball game that ends 3-0 doesn't get much closer than the one between Western Boone and North Montgomery Thursday night. The Sagamore Athletic Conference rivals were evenly match, but Western Boone found a way to get it done each set, 25-18, 27-25, 25-21.

"We knew going in that we were two very similar teams and it could have gone either way," Charger head coach Jodi Webster said. "It could have gone either way. I know if there is a rematch it's going to be a heck of a match."

Western Boone had big runs in each set that hurt the Chargers. Leading 15-13, the Stars made it 20-13 before the Chargers would score again in the first set. In the second set, it North Montgomery led 9-7 before a 4-0 Star run that made it 11-9. A 13-2 run from 5-11 to 18-13 gave Western Boone the momentum they needed in the third set.

"(Getting hands on the ball at the net) kept a lot of plays alive," Webster said.

The Chargers did a lot of things right. The offense was spread out with Lindzy Sabens leading the way with nine kills.

Cortney Kolger added five kills and Brook Karle had four aces.

Defensively, Tori Martin and Kolger each had seven digs and Karle had six.

"We just have to be aggressive the whole time," said Webster of a potential rematch. "There can't be any let-ups at any time."

The Stars (17-6, 5-0 SAC), who haven't lost a set to a Sagamore team this year, are on a collision course to a showdown Oct. 14 with Lebanon. North Montgomery (12-12, 3-1 SAC) will be back in action when Lebanon (18-5, 4-0 SAC) visits NMHS Monday.