Hello world!

Time for another chilly trip into the wild world that is the brain of your favorite sports editor!

I keep hearing that the spring sports have started up, but I'm not seeing too much evidence of it. The beginning of the season, usually marked by key returning players and new athletes making a name for themselves, has been marked by cold weather and cancellations. North Montgomery softball is one of the few teams that has gotten a chance to compete outdoors, and that was in a scrimmage against Westfield. Most everyone else has been forced indoors and cabin fever is quickly setting in.

So it's a week of challenges. I hinted last week that there may be something coming up involving a beard and some sectional championships. So here it is: if Montgomery County schools win three sectional championships this spring, I will shave the famed beard.

Some people may not understand the magnitude of this. Not only do I have the best beard in the business (you read that right, Rick) but it's been about four years since I have seen my face. That's right. Before the beard I had other (bad) versions of facial hair, including one of the famous Monon Mustaches. I haven't been clean shaven since high school.

So let's see it guys and gals. I want to see an increase in championship teams in Montgomery County!

The other challenge we have this week is the three way contest between Rick, Lori, and myself. It is in regards to the NCAA tournament bracket. Pretty much everyone fills out a bracket these days, so naturally we are going to as well. Whoever has the best bracket out of the three of us will receive a pizza and soda at the expense of the losers. Early word has it that Lori is taking New Mexico and I heard Rick saying something about team colors and mascots. I'm only teasing.

Personally, I haven't decided who I'm taking yet. I think Louisville is probably the best team in the tournament, but I haven't decided how much that matters. I will end up rooting for IU because I'm a native Hoosier and don't have a diehard connection to any college team really. I could very easily see Miami taking it all as well. No one knows. That's why it's so great!

I'm always interested in how people decided what teams they think will win. Everyone hears stories of people that actually pick based on their colors of the teams jerseys or the mascot, but does anyone actually do that? Does anyone pick the highest seed in every game? Or pick only upsets? I'm interested to hear how you decided what teams should go all the way in your brackets! E-mail me at sports@thepaper24-7 and let me know your reasoning!

Speaking of brackets, have you turned yours in? Today at 4 p.m. is the deadline to submit your bracket to The Paper of Montgomery County. Employees of The Paper are not eligible to win prizes, but can submit a bracket for bragging rights! The best entries will win a pizza from Pizza Hut, so be sure to get them in before it's too late!

That's going to wrap it up for this week.

Before I go, I would just like to point out that Lebron James is a better basketball player than anyone on the planet. Did you see his dunk on Monday? If not go find it on the internet. I'll wait.

So the dunk was awesome right? But everyone can dunk. What makes him even better is then he hit the go ahead jumper to win the game for the Heat. And it was their 23rd win in a row. No one is better right now.

That's this Wally's Word. Until next week, I want Spring!