Hello world!

How about it! The summer is in full force and the weather is looking beautiful - for the most part.

And we made it through moratorium week. Whew, I wasn't sure if we could go a whole week "without sports." But we made it. Thanks to some pretty awesome sports.

I hope you had the chance to get out to Crawfordsville, North Montgomery or Wabash College last weekend. There was some great baseball being played and one of our local teams, the Indiana Thunder, was right in the mix. The 15-and-unders took second place against some very good competition. So kudos to them and it's good that Montgomery County gets to host some good summer competition with all the quality players we have in the county and the area.

Another quality program is the American Legion Byron Cox Post 72 team that is based in Crawfordsville. The team stays very busy and has faced some very good competition this season. They are in the home stretch of their regular campaign and will be home again this weekend. If you want to see some great baseball, they will play at North Montgomery High School on Saturday at 11 a.m. and again following that. Most likely around 1:30 or 2 p.m.

In just a couple of weeks the legion team will play in the regional tournament. If they can advance through that they will play in the state finals at Plymouth.

The club is also calling for alumni to contact head coach John Pickett. They will be honoring all former players before their games on July 19 at North Montgomery. If you are a former player, get ahold of Pickett at 401-1585 so that he can get a program made up and you can be recognized. Should be a great day and a good mixture of the past and present of American Legion baseball.

There are plenty of local connections on Post 72 as well. Crawfordsville is represented by Brian Boehm, Connor Smith, Jordan Jackson, Garrett Phelps and Logan Meadows. Boehm is headed back to CHS for another year while Smith and Phelps will take their pitching talents to Wabash and Manchester, respectively. Jackson spent a year at Wright State University, but will come closer to home and play at Marian next season. Meadows is a student at Indiana State, but doesn't play college ball.

North Montgomery ties include Mitch Rice and Chase Mahoy. Rice, a right-handed hurler, is headed to Anderson while Mahoy will play at Trine next season.

Southmont will have the luxury of bringing back Devin Miller and Mitch Dehne, its two representatives on the legion team.

The kids get a unique experience of being able to play beside guys that are typically opponents. Lebanon has a large contingent on the squad with Bryce Fortner, Brantley Fortner, Bryce Shearer and Nathan Kincaid. Fountain Central products include Tyler DePugh and Cole Snyder, while North Putnam sends Michael Herrmann, Kaleb Belcher and Jake Haste to the team. Haste will be a teammate next to Jackson as sophomores at Marian next year and Herrmann will play alongside Smith at Wabash.

There's a lot of fun to be had following the local baseball teams throughout the summer. If you get a chance get out and watch them. There's likely someone you know playing on the team and it really is a very high level of ball being played.

I'll see ya out there!