Hello world!

Changes are coming to Montgomery County and they certainly seem to be a step in the right direction.

Ever been to a Southmont football game? Actually, have you ever been to a football game in the county? Rumor has it that they do in fact play four quarters still, not just the three that have been previously watchable. The first quarter at county home football games is generally plagued (and this is one usage of plague that can be considered subtle) with a little extra sunlight. And by a little extra sunlight I mean you have to stare directly into the sun until it sets and attempt to make out what is happening on the gridiron.

No more, said Southmont.

The Mounties upgraded and moved their bleachers to the opposite side of the field. Now it will be the pesky out-of-towners that have to stare into the sun while they watch hoping Devon Burton doesn't embarrass their kid.

The southern half of the county is also in the process of being graced with a new track. This will allow the Mounties to potentially host Sagamore Conference meets, which they weren't able to do with only six lanes. The upgrade to eight is overdue and much deserved to coach Marvin Walters and his hard working athletes.

The more talked about changes are taking place right in town. Crawfordsville High School's football field has some spiffy-looking new turf on it and is just about finished. I talked to CHS Athletic Director Bryce Barton last night and he said that the rug will be ready on Aug. 9. That is well before any home games and a full week before the scrimmage, but the Athenians are scheduled to travel for their scrimmage anyways.

It's great to see facilities getting upgraded to match the standards of work that the kids are putting in. High School sports are year-round commitments and the athletes should be rewarded with top notch facilities. It's hard to not wonder when discussion of putting turf on a baseball diamond in the county might pop up.

The other project at Crawfordsville isn't moving along quite as well, unfortunately. The tennis courts aren't finished and Barton said that he wasn't sure when they would be finished. Practice starts Monday for the netters and they will head over to Wabash for two weeks to get their work in. It should be a great facility when it's finished - just hoping it moves along in time for regular season matches to be played as scheduled.

Don't want to leave out the Chargers. I haven't heard of any major projects taking place, but they have some very nice facilities up north, so I'm sure the needs will be addressed as they arise.

That's pretty much going to wrap it up for this week. The cool weather lately has made it tough to not think about football season being right around the corner. Can't wait to get out and cover games this year. Nothing better than going out on those cool autumn nights and covering some awesome sports in Montgomery County - well as long as you don't have to stare into the sun that is.