Hello World!

Buckle up. This week is going to be a wild ride as we take a look at a myriad of things that are rattling around in the ol' noggin of your favorite sports editor.

First and foremost I would like to congratulate North Montgomery senior Brett Warren on dominating The Paper of Montgomery County's Bracket Challenge. No one else was really close and Brett has some pizza coming his way thanks to the nice folks over at Pizza Hut. A total of six entries chose Louisville as the correct National Champion, but Brett's picking proficiency in the early rounds gave him an 11 point edge that no one was able to overcome. Fellow Charger Levi Dillon came the closes and also correctly chose Louisville. Thanks to all that played in the contest and be on the lookout for even more give aways throughout the summer be sure to follow us on Twitter @ThePaperSports to get details on the contests and giveaways.

We also had a bracket pool here at The Paper. It was a staff only contest and the losers agreed to buy the winner a pizza when all was said and done. As it turns out, my lead wasn't safe going into the championship because Rick Holtz correctly chose Louisville to win the title. He came from behind (I had Miami winning it all) and Lori Poteet and I will be sure to buy him a pizza. I'll admit, Rick had my number when it came to picking winners. He also took the top spot in the basketball guessing game that we held over the winter.

Speaking of Rick, he has decided to take his talents to our sister newspaper - The Noblesville Times. He will be taking over as the editor over there and is going to help them do great things. I'm sorry to see him go, but cannot express how appreciative I am to him for the help he has given me since I started. Rick's last column for us ran Monday, so be sure to go online and check it out. There will be a new face taking over in our Monday slot. You'll have to wait and see just who that face will be.

* * * * * * *

Spring sports are in full swing. A change in the weather forecast allowed a slew of games to be played last night. It was definitely a busy night, but I wouldn't ask for it any other way. Lori did an awesome job of getting to all the home events and getting great shots. She is definitely a major player on our team and I'm thankful to have her!

* * * * * * *

Any baseball fans out there? What about racing and golf? If you are a sports fan we have a chance for you to earn some serious cash. We will be launching three fantasy games next Tuesday that will give you the chance to earn $25 each week and up to $1000 over the duration of the game. It is sure to be competitive, so be on the lookout and be sure to get your entries in once the game starts.

* * * * * * *

That's going to wrap things up for this week. If you can't make it out to all the sporting events be sure to follow us on Twitter and we will keep you updated on everything that's going on in the Montgomery County Sports world. I may even tweet about the Tigers dominating the AL Central once or twice. C'mon you know it's going to happen.

That's this Wally's Word.

Until next week, play ball!