Hello world!

It's a double dose this week, but there's plenty to talk about as the fall season gets nearer with each day.

What's that? It's here? Crazy! But that's right. Girls' golf starts action today with practices taking place around the county.

North Montgomery, which got out of the sectional last season, lost only Morganne Carpenter to graduation from last year's squad. Carpenter was, however, the Montgomery County Girls' Golfer of the Year as a senior. So it's a big loss. Kennedy Bonwell, Kristen Glass and Abby Woodard will all be juniors this year and were a big part of last year's team. Scout Groves and Stephanie Winkler saw time last year as freshman.

Crawfordsville also has a crop of young talent, including senior Regina Go, juniors Kaitlyn Dixon and Shania Harrison and sophomore Olivia Grady. Southmont might have the most to replace, losing Chelsey Smith, who is continuing her outstanding career at Trine.

But we'll talk more on golf as the contests get rolling.

I want to talk about volleyball. I told you a little about what I think the football scene will look like on Wednesday, and volleyball has a pretty similar situation. Just like the gridders are replacing quarterbacks, the spikers are looking for, well spikers.

Each school in the county lost their best outside hitter to graduation last year. Crawfordsville will be without Taylor Luft, North lost Hannah O'Brien and Southmont sent Kayla Morris to her future with graduation in the spring. Crawfordsville also lost Kassidy Bonebrake, who did a little bit of everything on the volleyball court.

So, needless to say, there will be a lot of space to fill on courts this year. All three schools consistently have talent come up through the ranks and the coaches do a great job of molding that talent. Southmont has had more turnover than the other schools at the coaching position recently, but North Montgomery and Crawfordsville have Jodi Webster and Kelly Johnson at their helms, respectively. They've been doing this at a high level for a while now and they both have great feels for their program from top to bottom.

Lori Poteet, our photographer, talked about this recently, but volleyball really is one of the most exciting sports to watch. It, like basketball, puts the fans right in the heat of the action. The fans really can affect the outcome of a match . . . and our schools have great fans. Tons of students typically turn out to back their classmates and it creates an outstanding atmosphere.

You also typically get a handful of the braver students that dress up in some pretty ridiculous outfits for the games . . . not sure if that affects the outcomes of the games or not.

Volleyball is just a lot of fun, and this season should see some new players emerge to stardom in the county. It will be fun to wait and see who those players might be!

I'll see ya out there.