Hello world!

Who would have thought?

If anyone guessed that the Southmont softball team would be the last of the Sagamore Athletic Conference baseball and softball teams this year, then kudos to you.

The signs were there that the Lady Mounties could make a deep run in the tournament. Not sure many people expected McKenzi Jordan to be so dominant or for the rest of the gals to come through at the right time, so many times in the tournament.

But they did. And they are playing for a state championship.

Meanwhile, the likes of Lebanon and Tri-West saw their seasons come to an end. Lebanon was the second-ranked softball team in 3A. They've lost one game against Sagamore opponents in the last five years. That includes the postseason. They've won the conference every year in that stretch, losing just once, to Western Boone last year in the regular season. The Tigers are 81-1 in that five year span. They made an exit in the first game of semistate.

But the Lady Mounties are still playing.

Tri-West is the defending 3A state champion. They finished tied for third in the Sagamore, much like they did last year. And because of the similarities there were eyes on another deep tournament run. Not to be. They checked out at the regional at the hands of West Vigo.

But the Lady Mounties are still playing.

The unranked squad from New Market has found a way to get it done. They've beat No. 8 Clinton Central, No. 6 Eastside and No. 5 Hammond Bishop Noll. The final test will be No. 10 South Spencer. And it will be a big time test . . . there's no doubt about it.

It's hard to put much stock in the rankings when the No. 10 team is playing an unranked opponent for the championship. Obviously someone is not giving credit where credit is due. But they are what they are. Southmont doesn't care who their opponent is. They have the mindset that somebody's got to win the thing and it might as well be them.

What's equally as baffling is that they're playing longer than any of the baseball teams in the conference as well. This weekend is semistate for the diamondmen around Hoosierland. And everyone was sure that a SAC team would still be playing. No one knew who exactly would emerge from the Sectional 25 gauntlet. Would it be No. 2 Lebanon? No. 3 Crawfordsville? North Montgomery, who was snubbed by the rankings all season? Or even Frankfort, who had two wins over Lebanon, a win over Crawfordsville and eliminated the Chargers in the first round?

That was the big question. Who would emerge from the sectional. To those of us around the state that do this for a living, it was almost an afterthought that the sectional winner would win the regional. I mean it was on Crawfordsville's home turf, which the winner would obviously be comfortable on. And our sectional was just obviously better than the other three feeders.

Nope. Lebanon emerged from the sectional. Lebanon exited in the first game of the regional. Ending the Sagamore's year.

But the Lady Mounties are still playing.

They didn't get the memo that eventually the luck runs out. They don't need luck. They aren't interested in what other teams think of them. They come out, play solid defense behind McKenzi, hit when they need to hit, and win. And that's what it's about in June.

You just have to keep playing.

And the Lady Mounties are still playing.

They deserve your support. It doesn't matter if you are a fan of Crawfordsville, North Montgomery, Southmont, Western Boone, Lebanon . . . it doesn't matter. Right now, Southmont is representing Montgomery County sports. Just like Crawfordsville basketball did with their sectional win this year.

This is a state title game.

This is a huge deal.

Make the drive, ride the fan bus, catch a train. . . I don't care how you get there. But get there. Make a difference and help these girls bring a state title to the county!

I'll see ya out there.