Hello world!

This was potentially going to be the column where I also said so long. Yes, as a handful of you know, I had intentions to move on from The Paper of Montgomery County and move a little closer to my family's home in Fort Wayne.

I dabbled with the idea of a few different things, but ultimately I decided that my time and place was here and now. So I'm staying on board and returning for another season at the helm of The Paper's sports department.

It's the right move.

Long story short, I was looking at moving closer to my family because I need to see them more. I need to be a bigger part of the lives of my niece and nephews. I need to have experiences with my parents and grandparents - laughing and joking and having a good time.

Those things are all still true. But they are all very doable. I just needed to force myself to find ways to make it happen, and I did that. I will continue to do that. I will also continue to head up the best coverage of Montgomery County sports you'll find anywhere in the world.

I'm still a young guy and the beauty of that is that I am constantly learning about perspective in life. If you look at things with a narrow mind and just accomplish things through the path of least resistance, it won't work out well. Not for you or anyone involved. Everyone needs to make memories with their loved ones, and it's all about action - whether you are 10 miles or 160 miles away.

And so I am staying to continue building what we have here at The Paper. I want to make it even better. Because that's what you deserve. That's what the kids deserve. You don't deserve a revolving door of sports editors or a disinterested leader that just cares about getting through the day. You deserve the best we can offer. And I believe I bring that to you. I am thankful to The Paper for giving me the opportunity to bring that to you and continue my development.

That's why it's such a good fit for me at The Paper. You can't get by here with just showing up and putting the newspaper out. Every employee buys into this community. We call it home and we support it. We go to the pep rallies after the championships. We walk around and talk to people. We are in this community. Because that's what we are passionate about. Bringing you Montgomery County's best sports and news coverage every single day.

You can't beat a gig like that.

I could have went to work in a cubicle and might have interacted with my editor once in a while. But I see Frank every day. Not a day goes by that I don't see nearly every employee and a least one or two of our owners. In the community. That's what we're about and it's a big reason why I couldn't head out.

This is a great place with great athletes and great people. There are a lot of places like it, but this one's ours. And I'm not ready to give that up just yet.

I'm glad to be sticking around. I hope you're glad to have me.

And I'm ready to keep the momentum rolling and give you the best coverage ever when high school sports roll around once more. There ought to be some pretty interesting stories this year and some great athletes.

Glad I'll be here to tell you all about them.

I'll see ya out there!