Hello world.

It's time for another endeavor into the mind of your favorite sports editor. Let's see what we can find!

We were chugging along quite nicely until last night when the rain hit once again. That caused the postponement of 11 varsity events for Montgomery County teams. Time is quickly diminishing in the attempt to get all the games made up.

I asked North Montgomery Athletic Director Matt Merica how close we were getting to seeing a problem of not playing all of the scheduled games. He still thinks we're going to be in alright shape to close out the season, but there are certainly challenges that all three schools will face.

"It is very doubtful that any team will play the maximum number of games allowed in a season," said Merica. "Conference games take priority over non-conference games. We have not gotten to the point where we are replacing non conference with conference games. The most difficult aspect of rescheduling is securing umpires. With the large number of cancellations, most teams are playing on the same night which provides a shortage of umpires."

Hopefully the rain holds off so that on the nights that officials are available, sports can be played! Crawfordsville Athletic Director Bryce Barton also commented on the cancellations.

"It's early, not even May yet!" said Barton. "Actually, it will get to the point where we only play conference games if we have more cancellations. Improvement will come from playing games, because practice times will be very limited. We have experienced coaches, who have been through these trying times, so I feel comfortable with how they handle these situations."

So let's all hope that the kids can get competitions in again as soon as possible.

We could see a county showdown with a whole lot on the line in baseball. Both Crawfordsville and North Montgomery are unbeaten in the Sagamore. Most recently, they each took two from Western Boone. I have a feeling that the Stars are sick off coming to Montgomery County after the shellackings they took from the Athenians and Chargers. North and Crawfordsville are set to square off on May 13-14. The 13th is my birthday, so hopefully I will get to see a good county game!

Speaking of county action, Crawfordsville will host North Montgomery tonight with the county title on the line for the Athenians. They beat Southmont last week inside at Wabash. They are looking to repeat with a win over North, but the Chargers are still in the county hunt and with wins over Crawfordsville and Southmont could take the title. It's certainly up for grabs!

That's going to wrap things up for this week folks. Events are going to come quickly and have very little time in between. We can pretty much plan on about ten varsity events every night that it doesn't rain (or snow) until the sectionals kick off. For those events you can't make it to, be sure to look out for updates from us on Twitter. We will keep you up to date on scores and updates as they happen. See ya at the games!

That's this Wally's Word.

Until next week, stay dry.