Crawfordsville Community School Corporation Board of Education

Regular Meeting

Thursday, Oct. 14, 2021 at 6 p.m.

Crawfordsville Middle School – 702 Wallace Avenue


I. Roll Call

II. CHARACTER COUNTS! SM Corporation – Pillar of Trustworthiness

III. Pledge of Allegiance

IV. Approve Previous Meeting Minutes, Construction Accounts Payable Voucher, Payroll Claims

Vouchers, Register of Accounts Payable Voucher, and Surplus Items

V. Old Business

VI. New Business

a. Consider Adoption of the 2022 Budget and Resolution for 2022 Appropriations and Tax Rate

b. Consider Resolution to Establish Recurring Transfers from the Education Fund to the

Operations Fund

c. Consider Substitute Teacher Pay

d. Consider Non-Certified Handbook

e. Consider Bus Driver Sign-On Bonus

f. Consider Additional Benefit for Non-Full-Time CDL Bus Drivers

VII. Personnel

a. Consider Resignation of Al Enlow – 3rd Grade Teacher at Nicholson

b. Consider Resignation of Samantha Bridgewater – Teachers Aide at Nicholson

c. Consider Resignation of Amanda Baitz – Occupational Therapist at WCISSC

d. Consider Resignation of Kaitlin Wolf – Art Teacher at Hose

e. Consider Resignation of Cami Myers – Special Education Aide at CMS

f. Consider Resignation of Rebekah Mason – Library Assistant at CHS

g. Consider Resignation of Megan Welshimer – PE Assistant at Hose

h. Consider Resignation of Sheila Sowers – Teachers Aide at Hoover

i. Recommend Esther Benge – Teachers Aide at Hose

j. Recommend Brooklynn Alley – Teachers Aide at Hose

k. Recommend Shawnda Cornelius – Teacher Assistant at CMS

l. Recommend Rylea Dewlen – Teacher Assistant at Hose

m. Recommend Fiona Glaser – Receptionist at Hose

n. Recommend Michelle Glaze -Teachers Aide at CMS

o. Recommend Sherry Heggemeier – Teacher Assistant at Hose

p. Recommend Karen Jurkowski – Nurse at Willson

q. Recommend Andrew Nicodemus – Deputy Treasurer at Central Office

r. Recommend Alexandria Odum – Teachers Aide at Hoover

s. Recommend Kylene Simpson – Administrative Assistant at WCISSC

t. Recommend Leah Sizemore – Teachers Aide at Hose

u. Recommend Beata Steiner – Art Teacher at Hose

v. Recommend McKinzie Welcher – Teacher Assistant at CHS

w. Recommend Kristi Strickland – Corporation Digital Media Specialist

VIII. Change of Position

a. Steffanie Brumett – from Teachers Aide to 3rd Grade Teacher at Nicholson

b. Susan Sizemore – from Teachers Aide to Assistant at Hose

c. Darian Todd – from Nurse at Willson to Nurse at Nicholson

IX. Assistant Superintendent’s Report

X. Superintendent’s Report

XI. Other

XII. Board Members’ Communication

XIII. Patron’s Comments

XIV. Adjournment