2022 Montgomery County Open Class

It’s that time of year again…fair season!  Montgomery County Homemakers are hosting open class.  Don’t know what the open class is?  Well, the open class is an opportunity during the Montgomery County fair for everyone to bring in a project or projects and have them judged. Open class is a great opportunity to show the…

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Tick Season

The upcoming long holiday weekend has us all ready to start summer activities. Schools are out and activities like camping, hiking, swimming, camping, bonfires are calling our names. Along with the fun summer comes some unwanted insects. We will endure flies getting in the house, a couple mosquito bites each night, and hopefully, no ticks.…

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Summer Isn’t Just for Kids

Look At The Smiling Columnist Monica Nagele

The sun is shining, kids are about to be out of school and it is time to gear up for fun in the summer sun. It is common for many adults to become less active as they age. But regular physical activity in older adults can be very beneficial. Physical activity can help delay, prevent…

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Teaching & Leading Through the 4-H Mission Areas

Meet Our Columnist Abby Morgan

The 4-H program is well-known for growing the next generation of leaders. Our youth understand the importance of giving back to the community and serving as positive role models to their peers and younger youth. Our 4-H members get the opportunity to explore the 4-H Mission Areas of Science, Healthy Living, and Civic Engagement through…

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How to Plant a Tree

Take A Look At The Smartest Columnist Tricia Rose Herr

It is spring time and with spring comes projects, often in the form of landscaping. If your landscaping ambitions are large this spring let’s talk about the largest of them all, a tree. At the Master Gardeners Plant Sale this Saturday, May 7th, Nucor will be handing out free trees. The Montgomery County Soil and…

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A Fungus Amongus

It is spring time in Indiana and that can mean only one thing mushroom hunting season. It has been a little cold for mushroom hunting this spring, but soon they will be out in plenty in our wooded areas of Montgomery County. Morels are fun to go out and find but they are also yummy…

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More Is Not Always Better!

Supplements, do I need them? The answer is simple, probably not. If you have been following social media, you have certainly seen different companies pushing different vitamins and nutrients, especially recently with the COVID-19 pandemic. The supplements come in many forms; pills, shakes, and patches. It doesn’t matter the supplement delivery method, there are a…

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Teens Leading The Way

The Montgomery County 4-H program is proud of our teen leaders that are taking the initiative to live out the 4-H motto, “to make the best better”. There are two specific teams of teens that I would like to highlight that are offering programming opportunities throughout the county to businesses, organizations, youth agencies, and more.…

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