Rural LISC to scale digital workforce programs in rural communities with Microsoft

Rural LISC has announced an initiative to help accelerate digital inclusion and to address the digital skills gap in the rural Midwest, with support from Microsoft. The initiative will build the capacity of community-based nonprofits to help bridge the digital divide and expand access to economic opportunity for residents in disinvested and underserved communities in IL, IN, MO, MT, NE, and OH.

The collaboration will expand existing Rural LISC workforce development programs, including its Digital Navigator model, Financial Opportunity Centers and Rural Works framework, to better identify diverse workforce candidates in need of upskilling and to support broad-based technology adoption. Outreach and training will focus on device and internet literacy and advanced occupational technology skills that result in increased placements in living wage jobs.

“Millions call rural America home, but too many don’t have access to the technological tools and skills needed to thrive in the digital world,” said Mary Snapp, Microsoft Vice President of Strategic Initiatives. “This initiative represents an opportunity to scale digital workforce programming and help rural communities throughout the country.”

The Midwest regional focus will leverage Microsoft Airband markets to foster deeper connection between broadband internet access and its meaningful connection to education, healthcare, government services and civic participation through Rural LISC’s Digital Navigator program.

Digital Navigators are cross-trained human service professionals who offer trust-based individualized assistance to vulnerable individuals and families experiencing digital isolation. Digital Navigators assist clients with securing digital devices, identifying free and affordable internet service options, and providing digital skills training that lead to improved employment outcomes.

“Rural America is deeply underserved with modern broadband connectivity,” said Caitlin Cain, LISC Vice President and Rural Director. “Rural LISC is working with Microsoft to bridge the digital divide by addressing workforce access, upskilling, and connectivity challenges in rural communities. This investment will directly support the development and deployment of digital inclusion solutions in rural and remote communities.”

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