Time’s a wastin’ – make sure ta’ do something ‘bout it

By Randall Franks

As I walked across the yard this morning the wind whirled around me with a chill that reminded me that it is fall.

I cannot remember a year thus far in my life that has seemed to fly by like this one has.

I remember as a child, it seemed that time just crawled by especially when school was in or I was waiting on something I looked forward to – such as a holiday or summer break.

But once I stepped out of childhood and into adulthood, it seemed that the clock went into a full-speed-ahead mode and that has not stopped since.

I am thankful that it has not stopped short like in the old song “Grandfather’s Clock.”

I am grateful for each and everyday. I just find it harder to pack as much into each one as I once did. It seems I turn around a few times and the clocks hands have just rotated around so quickly, I wonder how smoke is not expelled from its face by the friction of the rotations.

Please do not think that I am complaining about being busy either. Having many tasks allows us to accomplish much with our lives. I think that is one of the objectives that we are afforded by our existence; the opportunity to use the time to invest in others and create things that will benefit or impact others in the world around us.

Do you use your time wisely?

How much of your day is filled with pastimes that contribute to the world around you?

Do you spend time with your family or friends helping them reach their life goals, sharing your wisdom, or simply being an encouragement?

Do you use your time to improve the area you live in, your neighborhood, town, city or state?

Do you have a skill that you are blessed with that you are passing on as a mentor to someone else?

Are you creative? Are you using your artistic skills to create works that will uplift others when seen or heard by others?

We all can get caught up in the routine chores that almost everyone shares in some respect – clean the house, mow the yard, weed eat, do the laundry, cook, paint, errands, etc.

The key is not to let those tasks take over our lives. Always set aside some time to also fit in some of the opportunities that will bring meaning to your life and the world around you as well.

We must work to master the time we are given and not let the speed at which the clock hands move be the determining factor in what we accomplish with our day and our life.

Yes its fall and three quarters of the year are past, but there is still time for you to do something that will make this world a better place. Go do it before your clock “stops short never to run again.”

Randall Franks is an award-winning musician, singer and actor. He is best known for his role as “Officer Randy Goode” on TV’s “In the Heat of the Night” now on WGN America. His latest 2019 # 1 CD release, “Americana Youth of Southern Appalachia,” is by the Share America Foundation. He is a member of the Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame. His latest book is “A Badge or an Old Guitar: A Music City Murder Mystery.” He is a syndicated columnist for and can be reached at