Hoosier teens eye shortages this holiday season

A new survey of teens conducted for Junior Achievement by the research firm ENGINE Insights shows that most teens (55 percent) are concerned that global supply chain issues will result in shortages of gift items this holiday season. The results are part of the JA Teens & Holiday Spending survey, which assesses teen consumer attitudes associated with the holiday shopping season. The survey of 1,006 13- to 17-year-olds was conducted by ENGINE Insights from October 19 through 24, 2021.

Additional findings include:

75% of teens have noticed changes during recent shopping experiences, including higher prices (49%), harder to find items (47%), and fewer checkers/less help at stores (32%)

81% of teens plan to shop “in-store” this year, compared to 68% last year (due to pandemic restrictions), with 70% also shopping online

78% of teens plan to spend “the same” or “more” on gifts this holiday season

Top teen gift ideas include clothing (61%), video games (53%), gift cards (52%), accessories (42%), and small electronics (38%)

“For many teens, shopping for others during the holiday season is their first exposure to some of the economic realities, such as rising prices or shortages, that face their parents or caregivers,” said Jennifer Burk, President and CEO of JA Central Indiana. “In many ways, this can be a teachable moment. At Junior Achievement, we encourage parents and caregivers to take this opportunity to discuss things like putting together a budget for the holidays, comparison shopping, and creative gifting if higher prices or hard-to-find items become a challenge.”

Junior Achievement recently launched JA Connect, a new online resource where teens can learn about careers, entrepreneurship, and how to manage money. The “My Money” section takes teens through developing a budget and planning their financial future. JA Connect is available at