Indiana Health Information Exchange announces data reach nearly covers entire state

Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE), a nonprofit health information exchange, announced its data reach is close to covering the entire state of Indiana due to new health system contributors. Large health system contributors in the Fort Wayne area were added in 2021, filling the Northeast region gap.

“The COVID pandemic certainly highlighted the need for a statewide health information exchange to support public health, and each new facility added is a step towards a consolidated and statewide data exchange in Indiana,” said Drew Richardson, vice president of product and business development at Indiana Health Information Exchange.

IHIE has one of the largest and broadest participant communities in the nation and is at the center of where digital health, payment reform and patient care intersect. With 123 hospital connections, IHIE’s clinical data repository—called the Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC)––now houses data for 38 health systems with nearly 19,000 practices, more than 50,000 providers and 18 million+ patients. It also includes more than 15 billion clinical and claims data elements.

“IHIE has spent the past two years consolidating with the Michiana Health Information Network to add participants and facilities that have filled previous data gaps in the north central and northeastern parts of the state,” said Richardson. “While the focus has been primarily on public health and COVID, we are seeing tremendous value in these new data sources for all participants including health systems, providers, payers and labs.”

About Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE)

IHIE was founded in 2004 as a non-profit health information exchange that enables hospitals, physicians, laboratories, payers, and other health service providers to avoid redundancy and deliver faster, more efficient, higher quality healthcare to patients in Indiana. Today, by making information available to over 50,000 healthcare providers in Indiana and neighboring states, we deliver services that make a real difference in health and healthcare.